History Quiz #7

In 1981, these 35 locals got together and started something that is still going strong here at the 108 today. Do you know what it is?


They are the Charter Members of the 108 Lions Club. It was local resident Niels Christianson, a 100 Mile House Lion, who approached other 108 residents to see if there was enough interest to start a Lions Club at the 108. There was lots, so on April 4, 1981 they gathered at the 108 Club House for their charter night. They were an enthusiastic, talented group and completed many important projects here at the 108.  For example, back in those early days, there was no cable TV at the 108, just 2 channels with very poor rabbit-ear reception. It was the 108 Lions who came up with the idea to install a 30 foot tower on Kyllo Road and then rebroadcast the HBO Movie channel and a local Chicago station from satellite to our 108 area. The deal was that residents were to pay $50 per year, payable on  the honorary system. You will be starting to get a little old if you can still remember either rabbit-ears reception or the honorary system. Back in those early days the 108 Lions could be seen fundraising by putting on casino nights, managing beer gardens and organizing dinners and dances. They were also a strong force in getting our Community Hall built, which today homes their Lions’ Den.

Today the 108 Lions are 28 men and women members strong, and continue to be a rock of our community. They are a very active and committed group, and would love you to join them. Their motto might well be “getting it done while having fun!

I count at least 4 of those Charter Members still residing here. Are there more?

Check out their Facebook page.