Water Treatment Plant  

Our 108 water system currently services about 1200 homes and has capacity to cover 1500 homes plus commercial. The water comes from a deep water well in the Sepa Lake area and is pumped into our new water treatment plant, operational since September of 2018. The community mandated the plant, including costing, by referendum in 2016. The plant removes high concentrations of manganese from the water. This manganese removal is accomplished when the raw well water goes into the plant’s filter system, which uses a sand medium. According to Peter Hughes, the CRD Environmental Services Manager, the manganese is removed by a biological process that uses naturally occurring bacteria.  At start-up of the plant, the bacteria had to develop and grow in the system, which took about six to eight weeks. The bacteria causes the manganese to evaporate out, with the remnants going into a tank. It is eventually trucked to the transfer station. The whole system is controlled by a digital panel, that also indicates water levels and usage.

The treated water is pumped to both our Kylo Road and Telqua Drive storage reservoirs.  Water moves from these storage silos to our homes by gravity or, in some areas, with the help of the booster pump on Block Drive.

Our water system is managed and monitored by the CRD. Click here for further information on local water monitoring on the CRD’s website.