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Mile 108 Elementary was officially opened by Mr. Henry Block on September 21, 1977. Block Bros. were instrumental in donating the land for the school and the funds for the construction of the adjacent Field House. Pat Corbett, who was the manager for Block Bros. and who made the arrangements with the School Board, says the Field House was intended to be a covered skating rink for the community and that it was purposefully placed right next to the then Community Hall. Unfortunately, the School Board subsequently discontinued this use, sighting liability issues.

The original school on this site was established in 1974. It was a collection of 5 portable classrooms and was then known as 100 Mile Elementary (North Annex) with Pat Robinson as head teacher. The school had no discernible playground, no gymnasium, and no library. In 1976, construction of the new school began and opened in September 1977 with 227 students from kindergarten to grade 7. The staff that year included Pat Fraser, Roy Malstrom, Wendy Millwood, Ann Swann, Anita Wright, Roy Wigley, Moira Younger, Bev East, Frankie Turley, and Brent Rutherford as principal.

From the Free Press 1981…

Mile 108 Principals

  • Brent Rutherford
  • Ray Truant, replaced Brent Rutherford for 1 year during leave of absence in 1986
  • Cliff Orr
  • Rob Breden
  • Cori Wickes
  • Tom Turner
  • Heather Goodall
  • Kevin McLellan
  • Ken Lucks
  • Elaine Colgate
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