There have been a few requests for information on the 108 RCA Annual General Meeting date. Please note that due to year-end adjustments to our fiscal calendar to coincide with the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) funding year, our AGM will be in 1st quarter 2024.

Board of Directors, 108 Mile Ranch Community Association

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Many in the community are aware of the disagreement between the 108 RCA and the 108 Lions Club. On September 27th, 2023, both groups met to discuss the state of their relationship. They regret how they have handled this issue and have offered sincere apologies to each other for their actions. They have agreed to work together for the betterment of the 108 Community. They agreed to meet regularly to ensure that there is an effective and transparent communication between the groups in an effort to ensure this does not happen again. They are aligned in their goal to work together to make the 108 a better place for residents to live, work, and play.

Much more is to be done to ensure the Community Hall is able to operate and be maintained for the community. Discussions in the coming weeks will focus on how the groups can jointly work together for the benefit of the community they both wish to serve.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you will be patient as we work our way forward.

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* Coyote Season, watch out for your pets.

This helpful reminder comes from one of our residents from the Facebook page. Thank you Lori Fleming.

Reports are that the golf course has many coyotes as well.
FYI: The next 4-6 weeks is mating season for coyotes. Please do not let your dogs out alone. The coyote gets your dog to chase him and then somewhere in the distance the pack waits for your dog. Then the outcome is tragic as they can & will attack/kill your pets. Just be aware it can happen to your beloved pet.
{Coyote breeding typically peaks in late February and early March, the gestation period averages 58 to 63 days. Male coyotes can become more aggressive during this time of year, the long and short of it all is that coyotes always pose a risk to your dog (and other small pets). That risk increases during mating season.}
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2021 LIGHT UP THE 108!

House with Christmas display

A lot of very creative people live in the 108 as evidenced by the multitude of amazing Christmas light displays! Click here to view the 100 Mile Free Press article and photos of the Light Up the 108 contest winners!

  • 1st Place – 4745 Kitwanga Dr. with the prize being a heater fan donated by 108 Building Supplies
  • 2nd Place – 4909 Telqua Dr. with the prize being 2 rounds of golf with a cart donated by 108 Golf Course
  • 3rd Place – 5370 Annaham Cres with the prize being 2 rounds of golf with a cart donated by 108 Golf Course
  • 4th Place – 4766 Kitwanga Dr. with the prize being a $50 Gift Card from the Rolling Hills Pizzeria
  • 5th Place – 4883 Tattersfield Place with the prize being a $50 Gift Card from Elaines Hair Care
  • 6th Place – 5041 Kinncum Rd with the prize being a $30 Gift Card to Mary’s Country Kitchen
  • 7th Place – 5306 Kallum Dr. with the prize being a Gift Package from the 108 Supermarket

Streets we would suggest as ‘must see’ are Gloinnzun Dr, Gloinnzun Place, Gloinnzun Crescent, the 3 houses on the upper-hill corner of Kallum and Kitwanga, Kallum Drive, MacKay Crescent, Stewart Road, Chintu Place, Kitwanga Drive, Donsleequa Road, Annaham Crescent, Kyllo Road, and Tattersfield Place.

Congratulations to all our 2021 winners. Well done 108 Mile Ranch for showing such wonderful community spirit! On behalf of Cathy, Mark, Tammy and James – Merry Christmas!

Click here to view a video of the 108 and the Christmas joy throughout the area. Thanks to Rick Swanson for creating and sharing this delightful video!

108 Mile Ranch Road Names, Sources & Meanings

Here’s a list of our road names, their sources and First Nations meaning. It’s not complete – can you fill in the blanks? Contact Sandy Foster on our Facebook page if you can add the missing information. Click here for a map of the 108.

  • Annaham CrescentBig chief
  • Anzeeon Road – Running deer
  • Beeryew Court -?
  • Block Drive – Henry and Arthur Block
  • Bryan Crescent – J.C. Bryan
  • Canium Court – What’s the matter?
  • Canium Road – ?
  • Chaladen Court – Beaver run
  • Chilcotin Crescent – ?
  • Chintu Court – ?
  • Cumsu Place – ?
  • Davis Road – Fred Davis was a previous owner of the Ranch area
  • Donsleequa Court and Road – Evergreen Forest
  • Easzee Drive – Where the sun goes down
  • Gloinnzun Crescent, Drive and Place – Smiling valley
  • Gutman Court – Mike Gutman, Block Bros. pilot
  • Hansen Court – Olaf Hansen and Hansen family
  • Hickling Road – ?
  • Kallum Drive – Sunset
  • Kemmi Crescent – ?
  • Kinncum Place, Road, Road North and Road South – Dwellers of the sea
  • Kitsum Court – Village
  • Kitwanga Court, Drive and Place – Goat crossing
  • Kyllo Drive – Grant Kyllo, Block Bros. VP in charge of 108 development
  • Latham Road – ?
  • Litwin Place – ?
  • Mackay Crescent – Colin Mackay, president of Terra Irrigation on golf course
  • Meesquonas Trail – Trail
  • Meesquono Trail – Trail
  • Mein Road – Al Mein,  assistant to 108 VP  (probably Kyllo)
  • Moneeyaw Road – ?
  • Monical Road – Monical family and Len Monical was an original partner
  • Parker Court – Don Parker, golf course superintendent
  • Peasim Court – ?
  • Pierreroy Court and Crescent – Jim Pierreroy, Block Bros. foreman; Family of kings
  • Plateau Road – (probably a location name?)
  • Qua Place – Fearless one (the eagle)
  • Scott Road – ?
  • Shillinay Place – ?
  • Smith Road – Dick Smith, who was a part of Monical’s ranch and later part of the early development team.
  • Stewart Road – Mel & Morgan Stewart did the land surveys at the 108
  • Sussnee Road – Bear trail
  • Taneeyah Road – Moose
  • Tattersfield Place – Phillip Tattersfield, landscape architect designed golf course
  • Telqua Drive – ?
  • Thompson Road – ?
  • Wawpuss Place – ?

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