Volunteer & Supporter Meeting

Whether you are a supporter or want to volunteer, you are invited to our formational meeting.

At this meeting we will discuss what we would like to see done in our community in relation to Wildlife Safety. We will need to start drawing up a “Road Map”.

We will be meeting at the A & W in 100 Mile House at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

I look forward to meeting you all!


From October 15 –

Here’s a new post from Shelby Raymond.  Shelby has been working very hard to help educate people in our area about wildlife by seeking out resources and sharing them on the 108 Mile Ranch Wildlife Safety Facebook page.   Check it out!  You can contact Shelby via the Facebook page.

I’ve been meeting and talking with folks who can help us build a BearSafe/WildSafe community. More than ever, I believe we can do this!

We need to have a supporter & volunteer meeting in order to map out next steps, an overall plan and get folks organized. This fall’s bear season should be ending over the next few weeks, but we can prepare for next year.

If we work together, commit to community education, and find solutions for barriers to building a bear safe community, we can save bear lives and hopefully help protect livestock, people and pets.

We all need to work together and, having now spoken with several stakeholders, I believe we are capable of doing so.

This is a long term project. Some things are already happening – such as some area Realtors are willing to provide BearSafe brochures and information to new homeowners. Thank you Dave Mingo for meeting with me and being open to working on solutions for our communities.

Al Richmond has been great as well. He is interested in finding solutions and ways to get education to the communities.

Ingrid Meyer , from the 108 Mile Ranch Resident’s Association is being supportive of finding solutions and has some solid ideas for moving us forward.

The Conservation Officers are looking forward to finding pathways where we can work together on education. They are eager to reduce the need for them to shoot human habituated and garbage conditioned bears. Joel has had some positive experiences in places like Quesnel, Bella Coola and working with local BearSafe volunteers.

WildSafe BC’s regional Director is aware of our efforts and ready to help wherever needed. I’ve also made contact with folks in other regions who have set up successful BearSafe type Community programs.

I have some brochures and cards from WildSafe BC and the SPCA.  This is where things stand right now. A few more ideas are being worked on by various folks. So, I need to schedule a meeting and will post the event details as soon as I have it organized. I really would appreciate ideas on good places to have meetings in the 108 or 100 Mile area.”

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