108 Water Treatment Plant Update

Al Richmond, Cariboo Regional District Director for Area G / Lac La Hache – 108 Mile Ranch provided an update on the new 108 water treatment plant on September 20, 2018.

The new 108 Ranch water treatment plan has been operating as designed for about 4 weeks now. In the past two weeks we have received several reports of cloudy water coming out of peoples’ taps. In every case, it has been described that the cloudiness dissipates after a minute or so and the water is clear again.
We have investigated this phenomenon and have determined that the cause of the cloudiness is dissolved air in the water. The new manganese removal process involves adding process air to the water prior to it passing through the filter system. As a result, the treated water that is pumped to the reservoirs and the distribution system now has a high level of dissolved air. When the water is exposed to the atmosphere, the dissolved air is released in the form of tiny bubbles that cause the temporary cloudiness of the water. They are harmless and are not a health concern. Dissolved air in the water will not harm you or damage your plumbing or appliances.