Check out Annaham Crescent, Tattersfield Place and Stewart Road for some of the best.

A local crew of volunteers picked three homes for gifts from local merchants.

The Coulghan residence at 5323 Annaham Crescent received a gift certificate for Mary’s Kitchen, the Attewell residence at 4883 Tattersfield Place received a gift certificate from Ingrid’s Foot Care, and the Guenter residence at 4834 Stewart Road received a gift certificate from Elaine’s Hair Care. Congratulations! Click image for larger view.


From Al Richmond, Director For Area G – Cariboo Regional District

Should the venting index be favourable the Greenbelt Commission will begin burning some of the piles of debris left from last years fuel reduction project in Walker Valley Saturday morning October 27th.  Residents can be assured the burning is being supervised and the 108 VFD is aware of the work being undertaken.  Your co-operation in staying away from the area would be appreciated.

Al Richmond
Cariboo Regional District
Cell 250-395-0841

South Cariboo Community Drum Circle

The South Cariboo Community Drum Circle


“Typically, people gather to drum in drum ‘circles’ with others from the surrounding community.  The drum circle offers equality because there is no head or tail.  It includes people of all ages.  The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with each other and themselves.”  Mickey Hart

Sessions are on a drop-in basis and the drumming predominantly freestyle and spontaneous.  You’re welcome to come by and join in. No previous experience needed.

Our weekly gatherings are on Saturdays 1 to 3 p.m. and usually start on the first Saturday in October and end the last week in May.

Location Upstairs room of the 108 Community Centre

Cost $2 drop in

Bring a drum, if you have one.  We usually have one or two extras on hand.

To be notified of events and other drum-circle related happenings, send an email request to Ted Peterson at linpet@shaw.ca or phone 250 791 5286.


“I come to drumming as therapy, because of the way it feels in my body; when I drum, or simply when I close my eyes and allow the drumming of others to wash over me.”

“My eye-hand-mind coordination is at a place it has never been before.  I listen to music in ways I never thought possible (as in I begin to understand how some of it fits together).”

THE 108 IS TURNING 50 IN 2019!! We’re looking for history!

THE 108 IS TURNING 50 IN 2019!!!!!!
Maureen Pinkney is the main organizer of that event.

This is so exciting! My family first moved from 100 Mile to the 108 in 1972, not long after the concept of the Golf Course Ranch Community began. I use to ride my horse all over the ranch, with not many homes at that time, there were also not too many fences, I could ride almost everywhere. So, I will be looking to put together a history board, if any one has any old pamphlets or photos of the ‘olden days’ please get in touch with me. We will be planning the festivities for next June and will be hoping to include all the amenities at the 108 for the celebration. If you have a business, volunteer or look after something at the 108, please contact me. mpinkney@telus.net or my Facebook page.


From Al Richmond, Director For Area G – Cariboo Regional District

Oct. 16, 2018 18-32

For Immediate Release

Controlled pile burning planned for 108 Mile Ranch area.

A series of controlled pile burns are planned in Walker Valley, in the 108 Mile Ranch area, between Oct. 18 and Nov. 30, 2018. The 108 Greenbelt Commission is coordinating the project with support from the Cariboo Regional District and the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department. The work is being done to dispose of the debris from the fuel management project undertaken last winter. Burning will be conducted in a controlled manner when conditions are appropriate, and the piles will be closely monitored. Some smoke and flames may be visible from the piles. Please direct any questions to Ron Soeder, 108 Greenbelt Commission Chair, at 250-791-5752 or Al Richmond, CRD Area G Director, at arichmond@cariboord.ca

The 108 Greenbelt Service was established by the Cariboo Regional District in 1996 to provide for the management of the 108 Greenbelt lands, which cover approximately 575 hectares throughout the 108 Mile Ranch community, and provide opportunities for public recreation.


Media Contact:

Emily Epp,

Manager of Communications

Cariboo Regional District

250-392-3351 or 1-800-665-1636



Volunteer & Supporter Meeting

Whether you are a supporter or want to volunteer, you are invited to our formational meeting.

At this meeting we will discuss what we would like to see done in our community in relation to Wildlife Safety. We will need to start drawing up a “Road Map”.

We will be meeting at the A & W in 100 Mile House at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

I look forward to meeting you all!


From October 15 –

Here’s a new post from Shelby Raymond.  Shelby has been working very hard to help educate people in our area about wildlife by seeking out resources and sharing them on the 108 Mile Ranch Wildlife Safety Facebook page.   Check it out!  You can contact Shelby via the Facebook page.

I’ve been meeting and talking with folks who can help us build a BearSafe/WildSafe community. More than ever, I believe we can do this!

We need to have a supporter & volunteer meeting in order to map out next steps, an overall plan and get folks organized. This fall’s bear season should be ending over the next few weeks, but we can prepare for next year.

If we work together, commit to community education, and find solutions for barriers to building a bear safe community, we can save bear lives and hopefully help protect livestock, people and pets.

We all need to work together and, having now spoken with several stakeholders, I believe we are capable of doing so.

This is a long term project. Some things are already happening – such as some area Realtors are willing to provide BearSafe brochures and information to new homeowners. Thank you Dave Mingo for meeting with me and being open to working on solutions for our communities.

Al Richmond has been great as well. He is interested in finding solutions and ways to get education to the communities.

Ingrid Meyer , from the 108 Mile Ranch Resident’s Association is being supportive of finding solutions and has some solid ideas for moving us forward.

The Conservation Officers are looking forward to finding pathways where we can work together on education. They are eager to reduce the need for them to shoot human habituated and garbage conditioned bears. Joel has had some positive experiences in places like Quesnel, Bella Coola and working with local BearSafe volunteers.

WildSafe BC’s regional Director is aware of our efforts and ready to help wherever needed. I’ve also made contact with folks in other regions who have set up successful BearSafe type Community programs.

I have some brochures and cards from WildSafe BC and the SPCA.  This is where things stand right now. A few more ideas are being worked on by various folks. So, I need to schedule a meeting and will post the event details as soon as I have it organized. I really would appreciate ideas on good places to have meetings in the 108 or 100 Mile area.”

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