108 History Quiz #4

Yes, the 108 had commercial air service from the 108 to Kamloops and Vancouver as well as flights to Williams Lake, Quesnel, and Prince George. That was in 1975. Can you guess what it cost to fly one way from the 108 to Vancouver?

a) $41    b) $79    c) $108    d) $142

Answer: You probably guessed (c) $108, and you would be wrong. It was (a) $41, as you will see by reading the very entertaining and informative article below.

The photo was taken at the 108 Airport where Mayor Ross Marks congratulates Captain Norm Rogers for landing the first official flight, as Henry Block looks on. At left is Pat Corbett whose work was instrumental in getting the flights to land at the 108. Next to Corbett is Block Bros. pilot Mike Gutman.

108 History Quiz #3

There are 10 photos of the 108 in this photo collage. How many can you identify? Names and dates?

Answers starting top left and clockwise.

1. This historic picture, taken in October 1972 by Duncan Meyers, shows our fire hall under construction, along with our stalwart fire department volunteers. Left to right: Dick McDermid, Rod Beaton, Neil Christiansen, Fire Chief Karl Lysell, Ed Irwin, Nick Addison, Svend Hansen, Karl Nielson, Tom Highland.

2. This is a 1969 photo of Len Monical, who is no doubt the longest residing resident of the 108 at 57 years and counting. His many accomplishments will be in a later post.

3. Watson Mansion …see Q #1

4. Hockey on 108 Lake 2019 at the Giggle Games.

5. Arthur and Henry Block, brothers and owners of Block Bros. Realty, developed the 108 Recreational Ranch in 1969. Both built summer homes here, Arthur on Block Drive and Henry on Kinncum North. Back in those days we had smart mega phones, which never rang, and which could not be answered.

6. This is a 1969 photo of the Club House overlooking the 9th Green. This easy going and fun place included a dining room, a bar and coffee shop, pro shop and huge wraparound sun deck. Green fees at $75 per year for a couple was a 50% discount incentive for property owners.

7. This Heritage Site building, now referred to as the Telegraph Office, used many of the logs from the original 108 Road House building that was torn down in 1880. That definitely appears to be a ghost in the top window. Massive bragging rights if you knew her name is Emily.

Evidence keeps appearing to support the various connections between the known 108 ghosts, Emily, Shadowman, Spiritcat and the crimes and murders at the old 108 Hotel.  You must read Hotel From Hell: The 108 Mile Murders by local 108 author Lisa Pugh, which reveals the alleged crimes of the nefarious Scotswoman, Agnus McVee, who along with her husband Jim, and son-in-law Al Riley, operated the 108 Roadhouse from 1875-1885.   Apparently, many miners returning from the gold fields in Barkerville, found themselves much lighter after their stop over at the 108 Hotel.

8. Photo of 108 Lake in 2018.

9. Al Richmond, Ulli Vogler and Dan Jackson in full regalia to celebrate Canada Day at the annual Heritage Site festivities.

10. This aerial photo of the 108 Clubhouse area was taken on the busy Labour Day weekend, 1969, on occasion of the enthusiastic opening of the 108 Airport. The golf course was also open, and mostly complete. The Motor Lodge and Wheelroom were still in the plans.