108 History Quiz #1

Can you name this 108 historical building? Do you know where it was located or the romantic reason it was built? (Hint: The man who built this Mansion has other legacies at the 108. ie  our Clydesdale barn)

This building known as  the Watson Mansion was designed by Victoria architects for British Army Captain Geoffrey L. Watson and was completed in 1911. It was situated along Tatton Road past the end of Watson Lake on the south east side before the railway tracks. Captain Watson owned approximately 1000 acres in the 108 area and also built our famous Clydesdale barn at the Heritage site. He built the mansion as a proposed home for his bride-to-be in England. Unfortunately, she declined to come to the mansion, as she considered the area too dangerous a place to live. Watson returned to England in1915 and was subsequently killed during WW1 in France.

The Watson Mansion burned down December 24, 1983, caused by a chimney fire. At the time the building was being used as a youth camp operated by Circle Spring Ranch. The building burned quickly and the 108 Fire Department had no chance to stop the fire.