Presently, we have a policy to provide recognition to our residents and businesses for their outstanding volunteer services and/or other contributions to the 108 Community. We currently have 3 awards: Citizen of the Year, Community Service, and Certification of Appreciation.

2021/22 Citizen of the Year Award

Dan Jackson was presented the 108 Mile Ranch Citizen of the Year Award for 2021/22 by RCA board member Donna White at the Annual General Meeting on October 29, 2022. Dan has demonstrated exemplary community service through his volunteer work to a variety of community organizations in both the 108 Mile Ranch and 100 Mile House areas for many years.

The following were nominated:

  • Graham Allison: For many many years involved with the 108 Lions, 108 RCA, 108 Greenbelt Commission, CCLF, still helps with the monthly Bingo and he is in charge of the sign board. Our Santa Claus!!
  • Chris Betuzzi: 108 Greenbelt Commission. He knows the 108 inside and out have lived here for a long time, he is a forester and takes care of the many projects land, environment and trees related.   
  • Betsy Herring: For many many years involved with the ESS, the ESS looks for you after every kind of emergency, like fire, evacuation, she has constantly worked to educate people to be prepared and not be scared. 
  • Dan Jackson: 108 Heritage Society,108 Greenbelt Commission, 108 RCA, And many other groups not from the 108.
  • Mike Marcuzzi: For many many years a 108 Fire Fighter. If you ask Mike for help he will in any way he can.
  • Robin Nadin: 108 Greenbelt Commission, involved pretty much in everything 108 related, has helped build the road to the beach, took care of all the trails around here.
  • Carol Thorne: For eleven years the 108 Hall Manager, janitor, and maintenance person. She made us all proud to have such an amazing hall.

108 Community Lifetime Service and Achievement Award

Sandy Foster presenting Al Richmond with the 108 Community Lifetime Service and Achievement Award 2021

At the AGM on October 6, 2021 Sandy Foster presented the 108 Community Lifetime Service and Achievement Award to Al Richmond for his continued dedication to our community.

Al has been involved with the 108 Mile Ranch community in many capacities since he moved here in the 1970s. Click here to view the 100 Mile Free Press article for the details! Congratulations, Al!

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR: This Award was originally presented for the years 1982-2008 and those winners are listed below.

  • 1982: Rod Beaton
  • 1982: Gladys McLeod
  • 1983: Len Kellogg
  • 1984: Joy Silk
  • 1985: Mush Mersereau
  • 1986: Al Richmond
  • 1987: Larry Pinkney
  • 1988: Dieter Lier
  • 1989: John Babineau
  • 1990: Frank Thompson
  • 1991: Tom Hieland
  • 1992: Mike Casey
  • 1993: Willie Cole
  • 1994: Pat Babineau
  • 1995: Barney Pallen
  • 1996: Aldythe Blannin
  • 1997: Terry Capnerhurst
  • 1998: Jack Witty
  • 2001: Gwen Colwell
  • 2002: Graham Allison
  • 2003: Bill Bailey
  • 2004: Larry Knutsen
  • 2005: Kathie Knutsen
  • 2006: Peg Rosen
  • 2007: Tom Rutledge
  • 2008: Maryann Rutledge
Citizen of the Year Award

The award was re-established for 2018 and the winner that year was Ingrid Meyer. The 2019 Award was awarded to Carl and Sally Gimse.

108 Mile Ranch 2020 Citizens of the Year Pat & Juanita Corbett

The 108 Mile Ranch Citizens of the Year for 2020 were Pat and Juanita Corbett.

Left to right – Ingrid Meyer, Pat Corbett, Juanita Corbett, Sandy Foster

For full details click here to go to the 100 Mile House Free Press article.

Community Service Awards: This award is mainly for our volunteers who have given their valuable time and energy for the betterment of their Community. These awards were first presented in 2019. The winners to date are as follows:

Larry Davis
Larry Knutsen
Kathie Knutsen
Dan Jackson
Dori Larstone
Sandy Foster
Donna White
Ingrid Meyer
Bev French
Graham Allison
Terry Cross
Grant Rowlands
Ron Soeder
Karen Douglas
Elsie Babcock
Al Richmond
Jan Richmond
Bill Hamilton
Jeffrey Newman
Maureen Pinkney
Pat Corbett
Juanita Corbett
Jarred Harms
Scott Campbell
Liz Jones
Zulema “Sue” Fischer
Dennis ‘Nick’ Christianson
Chris Betuzzi

Graham Allison
Chris Betuzzi
Betsy Herring
Mike Marcuzzi
Robin Nadin
Carol Thorne
Robbin Edwards
Herb  Carter
Ross Peddie

Certificate of Appreciation:  This award is mainly for individuals, groups, or businesses that have made an important contribution to the 108 Community. The award was initiated in 2019. The winners to date are as follows:


  • Ralph Dumbs
  • Kevin Oliffe

2019 and 2020

  • Marcel & Marsha Reid
  • Carol & Bruce Beidler
  • 108 Volunteer Fire Department
  • Ian Henderson
  • Save-on-Foods
  • Tasco
  • Donex
  • 108 Supermarket
  • Pharmasave
  • Lac La Hache Bakery
  • Bev French
  • Susan Henderson
Thank you volunteers!