108 RCA

The 108 Mile Ranch Community Association (RCA) was formed as the 108 Mile Ranch Property Owners Association in 1971 and incorporated in 1974. The Association acted on behalf of the property owners in the developing 108 Mile Ranch, working closely with the developers, Block Brothers, to ensure this new community offered the best quality of life possible.

With its active community and spacious greenbelt lands, 108 Mile Ranch provides a lifestyle that is hard to match. Much is done at various levels of government and associated volunteer groups to preserve and enhance the features of life in this community.  You can find us on Facebook, too!  Click here for a printable resident membership brochure and form. Click here to send us an email.

The Annual General Meeting was held on March 4, 2020. Click here to view the 2019 Financial Statement.


Back Row, Left to Right: Bruce Biedler, Carol Biedler-Thorne, Dan Jackson, Trudy Bothwell, Sandy Foster
Front Row, Left to Right: Charlie Gillingham, Larry Knutsen, Dorri Larstone, Ingrid Meyer, Donna White
Missing: Carl Gimse
Ingrid Meyer250-791-5663Chair, Beaches, Business Memberships, Facebook
Donna White250-791-7323Vice-chair, 108 Lions Club
Sherrie Gillis250-948-1997Secretary & Treasurer
Dan Jackson250-791-7281Welcome packages, Greenbelt Commission
Larry Knutsen250-791-6382Fire Department Liaison
Sandy Foster250-791-5767Website, Recognition, Facebook
Dorri Larstone250-262-1316Beaches
Carl Gimse250-791-7338
Charles Gillingham
Other Volunteers
Carol Biedler-Thorne
Bruce Biedler
Community Hall maintenance and bookings
Bev French250-791-7206Welcome Packages
Carol Wise250-791-6376Coffee Club
Karen Douglas250-791-5505Website

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