108 History Quiz #6

Have a look at this 108 photo collage. What is its secret? Can you solve its mystery? (Clue: our roots gave us our routes.)


The answer to this mystery is that each of these men in the photo collage have a 108 road named after them. Here are their connections.

1. Olaf Hansen (Hansen Court) owner of one of the 108’s first businesses, Hansen Recreational Homes (1969) and 108 Supply Ltd (1972).

2. Arthur and Henry Block (Block Drive).

3. Grant Kyllo.  (Kyllo Drive) A Block Bros. vice president with responsibility for the 108. Much of the early development successes are a result of his enthusiasm and direction.

4. Phil Tattersfield (Tattersfield Place) was a landscape engineer involved in designing the golf course.

5. Dick Smith (Smith Road) was initially working with R.M. Monical and Sons Ltd., the previous ranch owners of the 108.  When the ranch sold, he continued to work with Block Bros. and initially was a one-fifth partner.

6. Mel Stewart (Stewart Road) Mel and his brother were engineers and surveyors at the 108

7. Al Mein (Mein road) was an assistant to the vice president at Block Bros.

8. Don Parker (Parker Court) was the golf course superintendent.

9. Mike Gutman (Gutman Court) was the Block Bros. pilot.

10. Len Monical (Monical Road). Probably named after Len Monical who was closely involved at the 108 as he was a partner of the sellers and the purchasers. Perhaps the name covers his older brothers Wendal and Robert as well.