108 History Quiz #5

This Building has a lot of 108 history and has had many visitors. Can you guess what it was used for in 1972?

a.) Original 108 school house

b.) Block Bros. office

c.) Original 108 Community Center

d.) 108 Chapel

The answer is both c and d.

This is the original 108 Community Center built in 1972 by local builder, Hansen Recreational Homes. It was a very busy place with community meetings, frequent club gatherings and regular bingo nights. It is not all that big, yet according to a local newspaper report, over 100 people gathered there on July 16, 1972 when the building was dedicated by Henry Block as the 108 Chapel, and was used as such, at least on Sundays. Today the building is used by CCLF as a Youth Center.

In behind the Community Hall you can still see the original ‘Field House’. Pat Corbett, who was the then manager of Block Bros. at the 108, made arrangements with the School Board to allow for the construction of what was to be a covered community skating rink right next to the Hall. This worked well for a few years until the School Board discontinued use of the rink, sighting liability issues.