108 History Quiz #18

This was a big event at the 108 in June of 1973. Do you know what it was?


June 26, 1973 was the official opening of the 108 11,400 sq.ft. indoor riding arena on Tatton Road near Watson Lake. On the left is Mal Pringle, unofficial mayor of the 108, to his left are the three men responsible for this “dream come true” horse complex, Mr. John Bull, Mr. Henry Block and Mr. Charles Smith. Along with a huge riding area, there are viewing stands to hold over 100 spectators, a caretaker’s apartment and lounge, plus stalls for 23 horses, 18 outdoor paddocks and a large outdoor arena. The occasion was celebrated with various horse shows including Quarter Horse competitions.  It was a special thrill for locals when Henry Block’s horse,  Rockys Champ, ridden by local Len Monical, won the open event. Some of the other highlights involved a 30 horse trail ride deep into Walker Valley and a good old fashioned barn dance with music by the Happy Wanderers, which drew over 400 participants.