108 History Quiz #16

Can you name any of the 108 residents who over the years have been recognized for their community service by receiving our Citizen of the Year Award?


This award has been presented to 108 residents for their generous community spirit. These are people in our community who have made a difference, perhaps through their talent, volunteerism, philanthropy, or some other contribution or endeavour that has made the 108 the wonderful community it is.

The Citizen of the Year Award was presented from 1982 to 2007, and there are now plans to re-establish this honour. If you would like to be part of the committee please contact us. First let’s salute and thank those great 108’rs who have made those generous contributions in previous years.

1982: Rod Beaton1982: Gladys McLeod1983: Len Kellogg
1984: Joy Silk1985: Mush Mersereau1986: Al Richmond
1987: Larry Pinkney1988: Dieter Lier1989: John Babineau
1990: Frank Thompson1991: Tom Hieland1992: Mike Casey
1993: Willie Cole1994: Pat Babineau1995: Barney Pallen
1996: Aldythe Blannin1997: Terry Capnerhurst1998: Jack Witty
2001: Gwen Colwell2002: Graham Allison2003: Bill Bailey
2004: Larry Knutsen2005: Kathie Knutsen2006: Peg Rosen
2007: Tom Rutledge2008: Maryann Rutledge2018 Ingrid Meyer