108 History Quiz #10

Do you know the history of this 108 building?


The 108 Clubhouse was one of the first 108 buildings constructed by Block Bros. in the spring of 1969. By August 16th it was ready to celebrate its grand opening with an extensive barbecue hosting over 500 guests. The Hansen clan had worked long and hard to build this panoramic centerpiece overlooking the golf course. According to newspaper reports at the time, the cost was $90,000.

About the same time, Block Bros. entered into a contract with Frank Bernard, Vancouver hotel owner (Georgian Towers and Park Royal Hotels) to run the restaurant on the top floor of the Clubhouse. Bernard had one of his employees, Duncan Myers, manage the project locally. The bottom floor was to be the 108 golf pro shop run by pro Keith Hanna and later Bill Wilson. It wasn’t until 1978 that the pro shop was converted to a ski shop over the winter months, eventually under Gunner’s management.

In December 1970, Mike and Heidi Hapalo entered into a 5 year lease to take over operation of the Clubhouse restaurant. The Hapalos have made a substantial contribution to both the 108 Resort and the Hills Health Ranch over their many years in this area. At the 108 Clubhouse they were well known for their Swiss and French cuisine, Mike’s legendary baron of beef, and for being such friendly and enthusiastic hosts.

On March 1, 1975, Al and Dorothy Turnbull took over the restaurant with NY steaks being their specialty – His at $7.50 and Hers at $6.50. A comfortable cocktail lounge was added at the north end of the restaurant as a great new feature.

I am still trying to piece together all the proprietors after that and so far these names have come up; John Jennings, Mike Cobbe, Mike Liszkay, and the return of the Hapalos. Let me know if you can help with this narrative.

More coming in a later post, perhaps ‘The 108 Club House…Part Two’. That should begin in 1986 with the purchase of the 108 Resort by The Red Coach Inn Ltd.  The next phase was the Resort purchase by overseas Japanese interests, who extended the Clubhouse with first rate convention facilities, and lastly those troubled times leading to the big fire of 2010. Stay tuned.