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Water System

For information, emergencies, to report illegal sprinkling, leaks etc., phone 791-5567 (RCA representative: Robbin Edwards, 791-5683)

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Ducks Unlimited Construction at 108 Mile Wetlands

Starting on April 16, 2017, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) will be drawing down the water level in Clark Marsh in the Walker Valley, to prepare for replacement of the wetland's water control in June. (Note: Clark Marsh is the pond southwest of the 108 Mile Ranch subdivision.) A small dugout may also be constructed upstream of Clark Marsh to supply water for cattle during the drawdown period. Clark Marsh will be re-filled in July 2017 by the release of water from Watson Lake.

This work is being done in partnership with the 108 Mile Greenbelt Commission. The construction work is required in order to keep the water controls, which were built in the 1970's, in proper functioning condition so that wetland habitats can be maintained.

Ducks Unlimited is also planning to drawdown wetlands and rebuild water controls in the north part of the Walker Valley in 2017, on the remaining wetland basins of the 108 Mile Ranch Conservation Project. The drawdowns and construction will be staged over the summer and fall, so that as much water is retained as possible, rather than being released to downstream.

For all of these wetlands, the timing of drawdown and construction has been carefully considered to minimize impacts to agriculture, fish and wildlife.

This series of dam rebuilds will ensure the valuable waterfowl habitats provided by the conservation project are maintained for several more decades.

For more information, please call Katharine VanSpall at DUC in Williams Lake at 250-398-7028.

108 Mile Treatment Plant Project Update

108 Mile water treatment plant final design was completed in February and tender documents issued on February 21, 2017 with a closing date of March 21, 2017. As of March 3, 2017, 52 parties have reviewed the documents on BC Bid. The tender completed and commissioned by the end of November 2017.


BC Lake Stewardship Society:
(monitor 108 and Sepa Lakes). Ann Swann BC Lake Stewardship contact: 250-791-9232


  1. Water your lawn only when it needs it. If it springs back after you step on it, it's OK.
  2. Deep soak your lawn. One good watering is better than lots of surface ones.
  3. Mulch around trees and plants reduces evaporation.
  4. Sweep (instead of hosing) driveways and paths.
  5. Wash your car using a bucket. Use hose only for rinsing.
  6. Check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets and couplings.
  7. Plant more indigenous perennials. They need less water.

Tuna cans can save water

How do you use a tuna can to save water you ask? Simple: every time you water your lawn, place an empty tuna can on the grass and only water until the can is full (tuna can is one inch high and grass needs only about one inch of water per thirty minutes of watering, twice a week to stay green).


Analysis of drinking water at 108 Mile Ranch

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