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Maintaining the original ideal: that human development can sustain a viable partnership with nature.




Business membership

A Business Membership includes your business listed here plus you may provide a brochure and/or a coupon offering a one-time discount from your business to be included in the 108 Welcome Package. For more information, call Roxanne Ziefflie at 250-791-7330.

To subscribe your 108 Mile business, mail a cheque for $40 to the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch BC, V0K 2Z0; along with the following information:

  • Name of business or organization *
  • Description of business organization (20 words maximum) *
  • Address *
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Web Site (if you have one)

* = required. Submissions may be edited.

WHY JOIN? (click to find out)

Membership fee - per household 1 year $10   Mail cheque to:
108 Ranch Community Association, PO Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch BC, V0K 2Z0 with the following information:
name, mailing address, street address, phone number.
  5 years $35  
Business membership 1 year $40  

Memberships fall due in October but can be initiated or renewed any time from July.


For further information, phone Roxanne Ziefflie at 250-791-7330.

2017 AGM Minutes - click to read.

2017 Board of Directors

DIRECTORS: Phone E-mail Portfolio
Ingrid Meyer - Chair 250-791-5663 Chair, Beaches, Business membership
Don White - Vice Chair 250-791-7323 Lions Club, Greenbelt
Kathie Knutsen 250-791-6382 Treasurer
Roxanne Ziefflie 250-791-7330 Secretary
Len Doucette 250-791-6689 Community Centre
Dan Jackson 250-791-7281 Welcome Package and Greenbelt Liaison
Bev French Welcome Package
Larry Knutsen 250-791-6382 Fire Department Liason
Gary Hales 250-791-5656  
Larry Davis 250-267-3090  
Tish Hitchcock 250 644-3703
Carol & Bruce Biedler 250-791-6736 Maintenance and Bookings
Jeffrey Newman 250-791-9206 Web site
Maggie Griffiths
Debbie Porter
  Coffee Club


2017 RCA Board 2

REAR: Dan Jackson, Bruce Biedler, Carol Thorne-Biedler, Larry Davis, Don White, Larry Knutsen
FRONT: Ingrid Meyer, Tish Hitchcock, Roxanne Ziefflie, Kathie Knutsen
NOT AVAILABLE: Len Doucette, Gary Hales, Bev French

The 108-er newsletter

With the print edition of the newsletter discontinued (as a cost-saving measure), we thank Jack Witty for initiating the project and Maddi Newman, of KeyBoard Graphic Design, for her many years' work, producing a newsletter of which we were all proud.

Some of the material available on or from this site is in PDF. To access the Portable Document Format (PDF), you must have a PDF reader installed. Here are links to some of the PDF readers available for free download or purchase:

And we thank the following for their part in distribution:

  • 108 Supermarket
  • 108 Post Office
  • 108 Cafe
  • Action Fitness
  • Aviator's Roost
  • Heritage Site Gift Store
  • Heritage Thyme restaurant
  • Hair Flair
  • Rac Trac Gas
  • The Hills
  • The Post House

  • For online reading, printing or download:

  • December 2007
  • July 2007
  • February 2007
  • Summer-Fall 2006
  • Winter-Spring 2006
  • Spring-Summer 2005
  • Winter 2005
  • Summer 2004
  • Winter 2004
  • Fall 2003
  • Spring, 2003
  • Winter 2002

  • Swans on Sepa Lake, 108 Mile Ranch
    Swans on Sepa Lake         Photo Steve Monk

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