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Maintaining the original ideal: that human development can sustain a viable partnership with nature.

The Beaches on 108 Lake and Sepa Lake

RCA representative: Ingrid Meyer, 250-791-5663

Overnight Parking at Stewart Beach

The CRD endorsed a recommendation from the 108 Mile Greenbelt Commission which will see an amendment to the Greenbelt By-Law to prohibit parking on Greenbelt lands between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


Main Beach, 108 Lake
Photo: Len Kellogg

The 108 Mile Ranch Community Association manages the beaches around the 108 and Sepa lakes for the pleasure of, not just 108 residents, but all the people of the South Cariboo who enjoy a summer frolic in the water.

In addition to residents, many tourists staying at local resorts and campgrounds make use of the beaches. In this way the beaches contribute to the overall economic well-being of our community.

The costs of operating the beaches is supported by a grant from the Cariboo Regional District.

Beaches spruced up

Every spring the 108 Ranch Community Association organizes a volunteer beach clean-up: sand raking, lawn-mowing and trimming, and the hauling away of bags of clippings and assorted waste, to ready the beaches for the summer sun- and sand-worshippers. If you're interested in helping, contact the Community Association director responsible for overseeing the 108 Mile beaches.

108 Lake News

108 Lake
Photo Chris Harris

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