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To become a member
of the 108 Ranch Community Association, you must be a landowner or renter in 108 Mile Ranch. Members can submit resolutions and vote. Absentee landowners/members are permitted one vote per property owned. Members can serve on the RCA board of directors.

Annual and five-year memberships fall due in October but can be initiated any time from July.

Membership fee - per household 1 year $10   Mail cheque to: 108 Ranch Community Association, PO Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch BC, V0K 2Z0
with the following information: name, mailing address, street address, phone number
  5 years $35  
Business membership 1 year $40   Your information included in our Business Directory and Welcome Package

Mailing address:
Street Address:
Phone Number:

Check one:      1 year - $10    5 years - $35     Business - $40

I've enclosed a cheque (made out to 108 Mile Ranch Community Association) for $

Print this completed form and mail, with cheque, to:

108 Mile Ranch Community Association, PO Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch BC, V0K 2Z0.

For further information, phone Roxanne Zieflie at 250-791-7330

The more members we have, the more authority the RCA has to represent your interests

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