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Heli-logging in Walker Valley

Press Release: December 9, 2005

108 Mile House - The 108 Greenbelt Commission announced today it has contracted with Sarvair Aviation Limited for the first ever helicopter logging operation in the community.

On Friday December 16th, assuming weather conditions are suitable, Sarvair will lift the large number of beetle-killed pine logs lying on the east side of Walker Valley (near Block Drive), depositing them at an old landing on the west side of the Valley. They will be removed from there by truck along the existing roadway. These trees were previously cut down in conjunction with the Commission's 2005 wildfire management program, because of their very close proximity to residences, and the concerns expressed by many of the area's homeowners. The Commission decided to remove these trees by helicopter in order to avoid damage to the steep hillside in this area, as well as to the Valley's grasslands and wetlands.

The 108 Greenbelt Commission advised this will be an entirely local operation. Sarvair Aviation is owned and operated by Klint Sarver, a resident of the community. The federally-funded crew the Commission has been employing to remove concentrations of beetle-killed pines will be there to help place the slings.

Photos © Robbin Edwards

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