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Maintaining the original ideal: that human development can sustain a viable partnership with nature.

108 MILE RANCH NEWS - 2010

Unless otherwise stated, articles and images reproduced, with permission, from the 100 Mile Free Press

Jennifer Raifteiri McArdle,

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Christmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lights

Light up the 108 - RESULTS

Prizewinners of the 2010 Light up the 108 contest

Most Festive:  1) Adam and Alisha Piccolo  2) Lisa Hawes

Most Unique:  1) James and Laura Sanders  2) Steve Almond

Most Brilliant Nativity: 1) Grant and Debbie Hancock  2) Ed Burney

Most with the Least: 1) Charlotte and Kevin Hutchinson  2) Lori-Ann Roth and Dan Rimmel

A huge thank you to our 108 prize donors:  CCLF (Most Brilliant Nativity), The Hills, Race-Trac Gas, 108 Supermarket, 108 Building Supply, Dowe’s Diner, Ingrid’s Foot Care, Epicure Selections, and an anonymous donor who contributed the prize for the winner of the Most with the Least category. 

Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to all who have decorated their homes and yards, adding to the festive feel at the 108!

Merry Christmas.

Debbie Porter

Christmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lightsChristmas lights


December 7, 2010

Application considers residents

By Carole Rooney - 100 Mile House Free Press
December 07, 2010 7:00 PM

108 Golf Resort and Outdoor Adventures owner Theo Wiering says his recent application for land-use regulation changes, to allow development of a small subdivision on the property, is designed to keep area residents in mind.

November 30, 2010

108 Mile resort plans subdivision

Applications for rezoning and Official Community Plan amendments submitted by The New 108 Resort Inc. have successfully gone through the initial approval stages with the Cariboo Regional District.

November 23, 2010

Marsh trail deemed wheelchair accessible

The trail around the 100 Mile Marsh has been deemed accessible after recent improvements were made that included some paving.

September 21, 2010

108 Mile Elementary growing closer to energy-efficient school - click to read full story

Humans must help keep bears alive

Dave Naugler, South Cariboo Bear Aware community coordinator100 Mile House Bear Aware co-ordinator Dave Naugler recently gave an excellent two-hour presentation to a small but keenly interested group of 108 residents on the Bear Aware program. He outlined the mandate of the program and talked about what residents can do to reduce the number of bear-human conflicts.

“Bear Aware goals are to reduce urban bear-human conflicts, and help communities have minimal impacts on the health and population dynamics of bears in B.C.” A fed bear is a dead bear, Naugler explained. Once food-conditioned, bears become dangerous, as they have learned there is a food reward around people, he said, adding they are intelligent, dexterous, and all about high calories with low effort. They will pop out a car window by leaning on it and rocking, Naugler said, and one bear learned to hop up and down on the car roof until the windows popped out. “If you can get into a structure with a crowbar, a bear can get in.”

While not true hibernators, bears need to consume 20,000 calories a day (the equivalent of 22 Burger King Whoppers with extra cheese) to survive their winter sleep successfully. They can smell food a mile away and even further with a wind, with a sniffer 50 times better than ours, he said. Garbage-eating bears are not healthy bears. Plastic bags can lodge in their intestines and metal lids and glass will tear their mouths, paws, and insides to pieces. Bears have a real taste for petroleum products, which will slowly poison them. Sick, diseased and injured bears are even more dangerous, he explained. Fruit trees and bushes are a real problem and fruit should be picked daily as it ripens, Naugler noted. Bee hives, pet and livestock foods, barbecues, putting garbage out long before pick-up, and composts are other attractants, he said. Good husbandry practices, keeping barbecues clean, and good garbage management will also help discourage bears.

For more information on bears, prevention and safety, go to Contact Dave Naugler at or 250-644-1384 to find out what people can do to make the 108 Mile Ranch safer for bears and humans.

Ducks Unlimited offering great auction items

The Ducks Unlimited Dinner Auction is fast approaching — Sept. 25 at the 108 Community Hall. There are a lot of fabulous auction items and raffle prizes, so don't miss out on this super fundraiser. Cocktails are at 5:30 p.m. and dinner is at 6:30. Tickets are $40 and available at Money Concepts, Didi's, Donex, 108 Supermarket and the Free Press. For more detials or to help out, call Eamon McArdle at 250-791-6509.

Gymkhana slated

There is a fun gymkhana at the 105 Riding Arena on Tatton Road on Sept. 26. There will be prize money to third place in each division — leadline, junior, intermediate, senior and Jack Benny. There will also be poles, quads, stakes, barrels, keyhole, ribbon race, and ride a buck competitions. Registration starts at 10 a.m. and the events begin at 11. Cost is $2 per class. For more information, contact Amber Crutchley at 250-395-0441 or 250-791-9275.


Bears are still plaguing the 108, and last week, one went on a spree along Kallum and Kitwanga. Garbage cans were knocked over and garbage dragged for considerable distances. Interestingly, he seemed most intrigued by the bright green stickers on garbage cans declaring “Bear Attractant” — perhaps the tags are flags for the bruins. Residents should make an effort to put garbage out the morning of pickup and not the night before. Bears have incredible memories for food sources and they will keep returning to snack from those garbage cans left out overnight. A bear has been reported hanging around the Davis Road area, and a local dog walker has met a bear in the Walker Valley quite frequently. If possible, walk with a friend, and during daylight hours. Do not walk or jog with an iPOD, and be aware of your surroundings. If you have or see a problem bear, call 1-877-952-7277. The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) is working with the Bear Aware Program to remind people not to put garbage out by tagging those cans put out the night before. For more information, contact the CRD at 250-395-3838, or Dave Naugler, the 100 Mile House Bear Aware community co-ordinator, at 250-644-1384.

Coffee club

The 108 Mile Ranch Community Association Ranch Residents' Coffee Club (formerly the Newcomers' Group) is up and running again, with the next meetings upstairs in the 108 Community Hall on Oct. 7 and 21. Come and enjoy coffee, tea, snacks, and friendly conversation on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 10:30 a.m. to noon. The drop-in fee is $2. For more information, call Debbie Porter at 250-791-6472.

August 3, 2010

Attendance didn't hamper fun

Fewer pilots and a smaller crowd didn't take away from the success of last weekend's 108 Airport Appreciation Days, says event organizer and South Cariboo Regional Airport manager Nick Christianson.
Full article

July 27, 2010

108 Lake water level concerns resident
By Carole Rooney - 100 Mile House Free Press

The level of water in 108 Mile Lake has some area residents concerned. 108 Mile ranch resident James Guellin says he has been looking at the gauge every day and the level is currently dropping one centimetre every two days.
Full article

Deer can be dangerous if disturbed

Right now, deer are plentiful on the 108 Mile Ranch, as does with fawns and young bucks are hanging around together.
Full article

Studebaker owners trek north

108 residents Karen and Chuck Douglas hosted the Studebaker Drivers Club (SDC) on July 17. Some 50 people attended “Trek North,” a meeting of the BC Southern Interior Chapter (BCSIC) and celebration of life for one of their founding members Glen Oosting, who passed away in December 2009.
Full article

Mile 108 Elementary School greener

Workers have been testing the ground around Mile 108 Elementary School and found it viable for a geothermal heating system. The funding negates the need to repair the old system and a geothermal loop will be installed.
Full article

July 20, 2010


Water sprinkling restrictions are in effect from May 1 to Oct. 1. The use of yard sprinklers is allowed from 6 to 9 a.m., and from 6 to 9 p.m.

108 Airport Appreciation Days

Don't forget 108 Airport Appreciation Days run July 31 - Aug. 1 at the South Cariboo Regional Airport, 108 Mile Ranch.There will be games, a Lions concession and numerous displays, including aircraft. There will also be pony rides, a barbecue dinner and dance on Saturday night. Call 250-791-1908 for more information.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle is still running on Saturdays from 1 to 3 p.m. at The Hills Health Ranch. Call Jeffrey at 250-791-9206 for more information or go to the Drum Circle web page.

Heritage Market

Don't forget the Heritage Market on Wednesdays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the 108 Heritage Site.

State of Region

The Cariboo Regional District will be holding several “State of the Region” meetings this fall before embarking on the financial planning process. It's hoped the ‘kitchen table’ type discussions with residents about various aspects of the regional district, municipal partners and the services the CRD offers will enable constituents to engage in open dialogue before the financial plan preparation begins. The meetings will include a series of stations manned by elected officials and staff to facilitate casual, informal discussions with constituents. Stay tuned for local dates and times.

Ducks Unlimited

Planning for this fall's Ducks Unlimited Dinner and Auction is already under way. People interested in joining the committee to help plan this annual fund-raiser on Sept. 25 for wetland conservation, can contact Eamon McArdle at 250-791-6509.

108 Heritage Site

As tempting as it may be, please note that horses are not allowed on the 108 Heritage Site, which includes in and around the barn, around all the buildings and the picnic area. There is a trail below the heritage site property that is available to horseback riders but the heritage site property itself is strictly off limits. With weddings, tourists, folks picnicking and enjoying these older buildings and the well-kept grounds, no one wants to be stepping in a pile of road apples. The area that is off-limits is clearly marked and folks are asked to take heed of these notices.

Reports from previous years

With the print edition of the newsletter discontinued (as a cost-saving measure), we thank Maddi Newman of KeyBoard Graphic Design for her many years' work as editor, producing a newsletter we were all proud of.

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