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108 MILE RANCH NEWS - 2008

Unless otherwise stated, articles and images reproduced, with permission, from the 100 Mile Free Press

Reporter: Jennifer Raifteiri McArdle, 250-791-6509

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December 31, 2008

Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to the 108 Mile Elementary School’s Grade 6/7 Volleyball Team for winning their tournament.

108 Children’s Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 20th 61 children and their families braved the –35 degree weather to have a good time at the 108 Children’s Christmas Party. There was cookie decorating (thanks Pathfinders, Guides and Brownies), teddies donated by the 100 Mile Liquor Store and handed out by the 108 Fire Department, entertainment by Sharal the Clown, Mrs. Clause, and photographs with Santa. Many thanks to the MC, Al Richmond, Jackie and Ann for making the cookies, Shay, Katherine and Lizzi and all Lions members who helped set up and supplied the hot dogs. Thanks to Chris Nickless for taking pictures of everyone, Exeter Parts for the helium, and the 108 Supermarket, local dentists, Pharmasave and Barton Insurance for their support.

Gold Rush Grannies Bake Sale

December 20th was also the date for the Gold Rush Grannies’ bake sale in the 108 Mall from 9:00 to 3:30. A combination of beautiful baking, handmade Christmas shopping bags, scarves from Bali, and donations netted the group just under $600 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Heartfelt thanks to all who baked, helped, donated, and purchased.


Don’t forget to keep feeders full in this weather. Chickadees, nuthatches and the assorted woodpeckers will appreciate sunflower seeds and suet cages in their bid to keep fuelled and reduce heat loss.

Photo JN Web Design

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for a happy, healthy new year!



December 9, 2008

Mile 108 Elementary sweeps tournaments - By Arlene Jongbloets

A couple of day-long volleyball tournaments brought several weeks of practice to an end last week for Horse Lake, 108 an… more

December 3, 2008

Light Up the 108

All residents of the 108 are invited to participate in the “2008 Light Up the 108 Celebration.” This year every house displaying Christmas lights will automatically be entered. There will be four categories – The Most Brilliant Nativity, The Most Unique, The Most Festive, and The Most with the Least* (300 watts or less). *This category requires participants to fill out an entry form at Dowe’s Diner, 108 SuperMarket or the 108 post office. The People’s Choice award will be determined by ballot, and you can vote at Dowe’s Diner, 108 SuperMarket or the 108 post office by noon, December 15th. Judging will be after dark on December 17th. Trophies and prizes will be awarded at the 108 Community Hall on December 20th at 1:00 p.m. There will also be hot chocolate, goodies, a turkey draw, door prizes, and carol singing around the bonfire. Mark your calendars and make sure you get your votes and entries in, and join your friends and neighbours at the presentations on the 20th.

Where’s George?

Amid a flurry of e-mails and phone calls, we thought we’d better let his fan club know that George is well and happy and settling in nicely with older half-brother Bart. George and Marge have parted company, and George will be lightly started in his training in the spring.

Town Hall Meeting

Monday, November 24th saw a quiet meeting in the community hall regarding a zoning amendment on Back Valley Road. Applicants Margaret Sharon and Peter Howard will be subdividing their property from 637 acres into three different lots of approximately 54 acres, 65 acres, and over 500 acres. All will remain in the ALR.

Winter Birds

The swans are still drifting about the 108 Lake and the Newmans report Pine Grosbeaks at their feeder. For those interested in a Christmas Bird Count, there will be one in Williams Lake on Sunday, December 14th. There is a pre-count workshop at Scout Island on Thursday, December 11th at 7:00. For more information contact Scout Island at 250-398-8532.

Swans at Sepa Lake

November 4, 2008

Saturday is drumming day

The Drum Circle group meets upstairs at the 108 Community Centre Hall Saturday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m. Bring a drum, if you have one. Drop in fee is $2. For more information, contact Jeffrey Newman at 250-791-9206.

Welcome packages

The welcome packages for newcomers to the 108 have been updated and will be ready this week. Changes include an updated list of 108 businesses. So far 35 packages have been handed out. For more information call Bev French at 250-791-7206.

Watershed meeting

108 Lake. Photo: Jeffrey Newman, JN Web Design

Thursday, Oct. 30 saw a full house at the 108 Community Hall to hear a variety of speakers discussing the 108 watershed and water levels. Speakers included Al Richmond, Mike Simpson (Fraser Basin Council), Kevin Bennett (Groundwater Hydrologist, Ministry of Environment), Mitch Minchau (Manager of Environmental Services, CRD), Bill Klopp (Section Head, Water Stewardship Division, Ministry of Environment), and Katharine VanSpall (Conservation Programs Specialist, Ducks Unlimited). The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness among 108 residents that, based on current information, the 108 Mile Lake and lake levels in the watershed are declining due to natural causes. As well, speakers wished to point out that there were unauthorized changes at the outlet prior to 1969 that climate has a much greater influence on lake levels than wells, domestic use and surface withdrawals through water licences; and that no additional water has been held upstream in the past five years by Ducks Unlimited, ranchers or by any structures.

Current and proposed actions were outlined and a call for volunteers went out. While there are concerns by residents that commercial use was putting a strain on the 108 Lake, Bill Klopp’s presentation included a series of air photos that clearly showed lake levels have been dropping since 1966. Eskers, faintly visible in 1966, are increasingly visible until they appear breaking the surface in the 1992 air photos. Katherine VanSpall noted that there was nothing impeding water flow from Tubbs Lake and, for the first time, no water was released from Sucker Lake due to the extremely low levels. It was also noted that the Express Meadow, part of the lower watershed, has not been used by Wendel Monical in the past five years. She also extended an invitation to residents to join her on field trips to the watershed, and can be reached at 250-398-7028.

Al Richmond noted some solutions previously brought forward were not recommended, such as dredging the channel between 108 and Sepa Lakes, and directing run-off from ditches. However, the CRD has committed $15,000 for a water budget survey, and a test well was installed by the Ministry of Environment in 2007 at the north end of the 108 Lake, monitoring the aquifer level hourly. It is still unclear what the exact relationship between the aquifer and the lake is. While data exists for areas south and north of the 108, none exists for this particular watershed and residents need to step forward to help collect this data to find out what’s happening in our watershed, and what measures we can take to ensure our water supply remains adequate for us and future residents. For more information contact Al Richmond at

108 water levels dropping drastically
By Joan Silver - 100 Mile House Free Press

The water level in 108 Lake continues to drop and residents want to know why. Water drains from Tubbs Lake into Sucker Lake then into 108 Lake and all these lakes are drier than normal. Over 150 residents turned out to a community meeting hosted by Cariboo Regional District Area G director Al Richmond Oct. 30 to hear the latest information from a number of experts.

Full story

October 22, 2008

Knights of Columbus Donation to RCA

The recent $1000 donation to the RCA from the Knights of Columbus was from their weekly bottle recycling program. Every Tuesday morning Knights get together at St. Jude’s and sort through sticky, stinky bottles and tetra paks for recycling, with proceeds dispersed throughout the community.

SPCA Food Drive

Nicole and Jessica Wood are still collecting donations for the SPCA, with a box in the mall, in front of the 108 Store.

RCA Meeting

The October RCA AGM was held Wednesday, October 15th in the 108 Community Hall, and several new volunteers stepped forward to act as directors. Other topics included the low lake levels, invasive plants, fixes and repairs to the Community Hall (one new furnace upstairs, other furnaces fully refurbished), report by Fire Chief Marcel Reid, beaches and vandalism, and airport news and updates. In a departure from the norm, the 108 Citizen of the Year Award was awarded to Mary Ann and Tom Rutledge of the 108 Heritage Site for all their hard work looking after the site.

CRD Director, Al Richmond's Web Site

To get more information on what’s happening around the 108, try To receive the Area “G” newsletter, e-mail Al Richmond at

October 21, 2008

108 plans include 400 chalets
By Joan Silver - 100 Mile House Free Press

The new owners of the 108 Resort and Conference Centre plan to spend $50 million on construction and upgrades.

Full story

October 14, 2008

Osprey Platform Up in the Walker Valley

On September 24th the osprey platform was officially erected in the Walker Valley, in the community pasture off Block Drive. Al Richmond arranged for the Telus crew to install it while they were removing the old wire and poles in the valley, and Ron Soeder sorted out permits for the trucks to cross the natural gas pipeline right-of-way. An abandoned power pole was used, topped with a platform constructed of pressure-treated wood and galvanized bolts, which should last a long time with no maintenance required. (Originally a different Telus pole was slated for use, but when the crew took down one of the cedar poles it was discovered to be 15’ higher, and in great condition. A volunteer reset the platform on top of this cedar pole.) A layer of sticks was placed on the platform to help lure any potential nesters in the spring.

While the ponds below the community pasture are not fish-bearing, the osprey’s preferred food (fish) can be found in nearby 108 and Sepa Lakes. They will also take rodents, birds, small vertebrates and crustaceans. Ospreys will fly up to ten kilometres from the nest to a food source. One of the most pressing problems for ospreys is finding suitable nesting sites away from areas with numerous eagles. Bald eagles in particular, as majestic looking as they are, are little more than scavengers and bullies and will dive bomb and harass their smaller cousins the ospreys into dropping their fish, which the eagles adroitly pick off in midair.

From the 1950s to the 1970s osprey populations took a dive thanks to the widespread use of DDT, habitat encroachment, and shooting. Conservation programs, including the use of artificial nesting platforms, has helped populations recover.

Thanks again to everyone who donated time, money, and support for this project. It will be interesting to see if the platform is discovered and utilized next year. And a special thanks to everyone who cares enough about our wildlife neighbours to invest time and money to their conservation.

September 23, 2008

Apple trees to blame for bears’ demise

By Arlene Jongbloets - 100 Mile House Free Press

Four more 108 Mile resident bears are dead and humans and apple trees are to blame. Conservation officers had to put down the family unit of a mother and her three cubs on Sept. 17 after numerous complaints from 108 residents and a month of monitoring by conservation officers.

Read on

May 28, 2008

Bark Beetle

As if our forests haven’t suffered enough from the mountain pine beetle infestation, the Douglas-fir bark beetle is now here. To date, these pests have been observed only in small pockets on the 108, and haven’t been expanding as aggressively as the pine beetle has. However, their impact on individual trees is just as deadly. Effective control involves the use of a small number of “trap trees,” which are healthy mature Douglas-fir trees felled in the spring before beetle flight. Beetles are attracted to, and breed in, these down trees. The tree bark is subsequently stripped and burned, killing the eggs and larvae, thereby slowing the march of the fir beetle. 108 resident and Ministry of Forests employee Rory Colwell has found Douglas-fir beetles in trees on greenbelt lands in the Plateau Rd. area. He volunteered to undertake a test program with the 108 Greenbelt Commission to test the effectiveness of this strategy on the 108. The commission sincerely appreciates his offer and has worked with him to identify and fall suitable trap trees. Appropriate signs are being installed at the site. We look forward to seeing the results in the fall.

New airport manager

Nick Christianson will be taking over the running of the 108 Airport on June 1. Nick comes with lots of experience and some exciting new ideas for our airport. Congratulations and welcome to the 108, Nick!

Community pasture

There are still a few spots in the Walker Valley community pasture – Block Drive is full. Forms are available at the RaceTrac Gas Station.

May 14, 2008

Hummingbirds lead flocks back

The hummingbirds are back and in desperate need of our feeders until things start blooming. Along with the regulars are the evening grosbeaks, yellow-headed blackbirds, and three male house finches. Flycatchers, vireos, and swallows are slowly coming back as well.

Photos Jeffrey Newman, JN Web Design
More pictures and information on Cariboo backyard birds

Evening Grosbeak

Rufous Hummingbird

Calliope Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Ice-off Winners

Some of us thought the day would never come, but on April 29 at 3:42:37 p.m., the flag went up on the Lions’ boat. Kai Rasmussen was the winner of the $100, and Odette Guimond won the fish and chip dinner for two at Dowe’s Diner. Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who bought tickets and supported the 108 Lions Club.


Forest Protection Officer Chris Betuzzi reminds people the standing grass is extremely dry and any burn should be carefully planned ahead of time. Garden hoses should be on hand and ready to use (not coiled up on the patio), and tools like rakes, shovels, axes should also be on hand. Piles up to two by three metres can be burned without a registration number (replaces the old burning permit), but anything over that size requires a registration number free of charge from the Ministry of Forests. Burning must be carried out on days with a good venting index, and you can get this information from the Ministry of Environment at 1-888-281-2992, (press 5 for Cariboo Region). The CRD has published an excellent pamphlet on tips for safe burning which is available at Race Trac Gas. For more information on burning permits Chris can be reached at 395-7800.

BC Hydro Award

Mr. Helmer’s and Mr. Bergen’s grade 6 and 7 have won the BC Hydro Environmental Championship Award for their efforts to aid the environment through recycling and raising awareness. The $1,000 prize was awarded last week. This is a provincial award and we should be very proud of our school and the recognition it has received. Thanks to all the students and staff that helped make this happen.

Horse Pasture

Applications and information for horses on the community pasture are available at Race Trac Gas.

Overlooking Watson Lake: 108 Mile residents' horses in one of the community pasture
Overlooking Watson Lake: 108 Mile residents' horses in one of the community pastures
Photo Joy Silk

Dog Walk

Sunday, June 1, is the Lions Foundation of Canada’s Walk for Dog Guides. Registration is at noon and the walk starts at 1 p.m. at the main beach. Forms are available from any Lions member. For more information contact Lion Graham at 791-1977.


Sunday, June 1, is the Lions Foundation of Canada’s Walk for Dog Guides. Registration is at noon and the walk starts at 1 p.m. at the main beach. Forms are available from any Lions member. For more information contact Lion Graham at 791-1977.

Firehall News

A new fire chief will be confirmed by the CRD in Williams Lake this week. As well, the firehall is currently down four members and anyone interested in becoming a firefighter is encouraged to contact Terry Capnerhurst at 791-6353.

March 19, 2008

Memorial tea for Sharon Sharun

A Celebration of Life 'Tea' in memory of former 108 resident Sharon Sharun, who succumbed to cancer early December 2007, will be held downstairs at the Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship Church on Tuesday March 25th (her birthday) at 2:00 p.m. Her children, Christina and David, will host. Contact 250-347-0077 for more information.

Avalanche fundraising begins

March 29th kicks off the start of fundraising for the annual Avalanche Youth Conference in Kelowna held on the May long weekend (May 16 to 19). On Sat., March 29, the Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship youth group will hold a bottle drive in the 108 Ranch. If you would like to help but are not going to be home, please drop off bottles outside the administration building on the church property.

Grassland management plan

At the last Greenbelt Committee meeting, a proposal for a grassland management plan for the Walker Valley and two horse pastures was approved. This plan will study the condition of the grassland, look at red-listed species, noxious weeds, and assess human activity and livestock impacts, with results being used to guide the commission on any further improvements. Results should be available in September or October of this year.


Lots of birds are coming back now: redpolls (common and hoary), juncos, mountain and black-capped chickadees, nuthatches, flickers, robins, evening grosbeaks, and red-winged blackbirds. No sign of any varied thrushes yet. Does anyone have them in their yards?

Photos Jeffrey Newman, JN Web Design
More pictures and information on Cariboo backyard birds

Black-capped Chickadee

Varied Thrush

Mountain Chickadee

Common Redpoll

Easter at the 108 Community Hall

Don't forget, This Saturday is Easter at the 108 Community Hall from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be a hotdog concession, egg hunt, children's crafts and games, petting zoo, and bake sale. This is a great family event and a chance to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

March 5, 2008

Ode to great horned owl, Oephelia

Recently one of our cats was fascinated with something on the other side of the patio French door. His prolonged and, for him, somewhat unusual, fixation, led to the discovery of a large owl sitting on the woodpile. She later flew down onto the pathway in the backyard where she sat for over two hours. We kept hoping she would shake her head and fly away, but when this didn't happen, even upon approaching her, we called the Raptor Rehab Centre (RRC), north of Williams Lake. After a brief and uneventful stalking with a housecoat and, with everything in order, the owl, which we named Oephelia, was gently eased into our cat carrier for a rendezvous in Williams Lake with the RRC. Unfortunately, Oephelia was "one of the most emaciated birds ever brought to the centre" and she passed away. A great horned owl, she was so beautiful, it was heartbreaking - the golden eyes, unblinking at us from the cat carrier. For reasons unknown she'd been unable to hunt and, even if we'd found her two weeks earlier, she probably wouldn't have survived. If you find an injured bird and would like to know what to do, please contact the RRC before handling it, at 604-484-6279.

Great Horned Owl (not Oephelia) photo by Zest-pk under a Creative Commons License.

Ice Off

It's that time of year again. The 108 Ranch Lions Club World Famous Ice-Off Contest is on. The boat can be seen on the ice in front of the Heritage Thyme Restaurant, which is kindly selling tickets. For only a buck, try to guess the month, day, hour, minute and seconds when the ice is off and win $100. Tickets are also available from all Lions Club members and from businesses in the 108 Mall. For more information contact Lion Graham at 791-1977.

MV Lion in 2005

Newcomers' group

Turn out for the Newcomers' Group has been fantastic. The group meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 10:30 a.m. upstairs in the hall. Everyone is welcome. For more information contact Caroline at 791-9250.

Welcome packages

If you are new to the 108 or know someone who is, don't forget that welcome packages are available from Joanne Young at 791-6709 or Bev French at 791-7206.

Easter party

Remember March 22 is the 108 Easter Party, with Mr. Bunny arriving by fire truck. There will also be a bake sale held by those students heading to New York on a school trip. Pre-registration for the Easter Party is required before March 9 by calling Cara at 791-6433. For more information or to help, contact Brenda at 791-7319.

Thinking day

February 22 was Thinking Day for Girl Guides and Scouts around the world. It is a day to think about the meaning of Guiding and Scouting and was chosen because it was the birthday of Scouting founder Robert-Baden Powell and of Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide. To celebrate, Scouts, Cubs, Guides, and Pathfinders joined with the 108 Brownies and Sparks at the 108 Hills for an evening of ice skating, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and a rousing sing-along at the teepee. Over 30 parents and children had a super time enjoying an evening together in fun and fellowship.

February 20, 2008

108 Fire Chief unveils new search technology

108 VFD Fire Chief Lee Simpkins brought the firehall's newest addition to the 108 Mile Lions meeting on Thursday, February 7th - a thermal imaging camera (TIC) purchased in part with a generous donation from the 108 Lions Club. This state of the art U.S. military technology allows firefighters to pinpoint heat sources in structure fires, thereby helping to eliminate the old method of tearing the building apart to find "hot spots". The TIC senses open flame, heat, and body heat. The sensing of body heat is of particular importance for winter accidents and vehicle accidents involving persons thrown from the vehicle. Fire Chief Simpkins demonstrated how effective the technology was by focusing on a single small candle flame. The flame was clearly visible on the lens and gave a reading of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. The TIC is so sensitive it also gave a reading of 75 degrees Fahrenheit on a pop can that someone had been holding on to. Along with the savings in time by firefighters by pinpointing heat sources quickly, it will increase safety by identifying danger spots before firefighters enter or advance.

January 30, 2008

Wind chill, a factor this winter

Wind chill is a fact of life in winter time and with changing climate patterns it seems it is windier more often, than in the past. There doesn't have to be a tsunami blowing through to alter temperatures - a light. steady breeze can cause a change. For example, if the outside temperature is -10°C and the wind is 10 kilometres per hour, your face will feel as cold as it would on a calm day when the temperature is -15°C. At -25, the same wind will feel as cold as -33 Celsius. More information on wind chill, including charts and graphs; and a short quiz.

Photo JN Web Design


Recently our daughters livened up the dinner conversation with a detailed description of a dead fox they'd seen in the valley 'stuck on a tree'. Initially the details made me consider becoming a vegetarian, but it also made me consider the hazards and regulations of handling dead wildlife such as birds, fish, and animals, so I contacted the conservation office. In the South Cariboo, documented cases of foxes dying from Sarcoptic mange exist. This skin disease of pet dogs and wild canines is transmittable to humans but the risk appears low, infections are rare and short-lived, and it can be treated. It is transferable to dogs through direct contact, or by humans with the condition. So please - do not handle dead wildlife and keep all pets clear of them as well. If you find dead wildlife, do not touch or move it. Note the location and call 1-877-952- RAPP or cellular #7277 to report the animal. It is unlawful to possess any wildlife without a permit. The conservation office will attend and determine if the animal was killed illegally or died of natural causes. After the CO has made a determination, if you wish to possess the animal, call 1-866-433-7272 to obtain a permit, or go to BC Ministry of Environment, Permit and Authorization Service Bureau.

Parents and tots

Parents and Tots are going strong (and at no charge) at the Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship Church on Tuesday mornings, from 10-11:30 a.m. Ages are typically zero to five, but this social activity is perfect for older home-schooled children as well. There is free play for about 45 minutes, a snack (parents sign up each week to be the snack-bringer) followed by a story and songs. Guest speakers from the community come. Last week Bonita Forsyth enchanted her audience with a reading of Snowboarding Bunny and a display of some original paintings. Contact Laurie at 395-8878 or Jackie at 791-0004.

January 16, 2008

108 area welcomes feathered friends

Some different species of birds have been appearing at the feeders in the 108. We have had small flocks of common redpolls, a pair of evening grosbeaks and a solitary junco. Jeffrey Newman was visited by a female pine grosbeak on the weekend. Flocks of waxwings continue to land and pillage and grey jays are sneaking in quietly as well.
More pictures and information on Cariboo backyard birds

Grey Jay

Waxwing [Steve Monk]

Dark-eyed Junco

Pine Grosbeak (f)

Evening Gorsbleak

House numbers

Some houses still don't have the four-digit numbers clearly visible. These numbers have been forwarded to Telus and are used for the 911 service in the area. If your numbers aren't up, please make a new-year's resolution to do so and help out emergency personnel if they need to find you.

Town Hall talks

A reminder that the Town Hall meeting with the Cariboo Regional District is taking place at the 108 Community Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. This is your chance to hear and have a say in what happens at the 108.

Last hard copy

The last hard copy edition of the '108er' will be mailed out to all Ranch Community Association (RCA) members next week. Rising costs preclude the continued distribution of the '108er', the 108 newsletter. It can be read here and also downloaded and printed..[The online version hs colour photos - JN] The Light Up the 108 winners can be viewed here.

108 newcomers

One of the many great ideas to come out of a brainstorming session regarding uses for the 108 Community Hall was to facilitate the opportunity for newcomers to meet other newcomers and current residents of the 108. There was a good turn-out at the first get-together on Jan. 10, where it was decided the group would meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 10:30 a.m. upstairs in the hall. Everyone is welcome and you don't have to be a new arrival to come. Posters will be going up and information posted on the RCA web site soon as well. The next meeting will be Jan. 24. For more information contact Caroline at 791-9250.


We extend a warm welcome to the new store managers of the 108 Supermarket, Karl and Sally Gimse. Coming from Squamish where they ran a business for over 20 years, they visited the South Cariboo frequently and liked it more each time - the people, the weather and the countryside. Karl says they really love the "old country" atmosphere that still exists here and how friendly and welcoming everyone is. Drop in and say hi to the new owners, and welcome them to the 108!

January 2, 2008

Judges choose winners for Light Up the 108 contest

Photo: Rick Swanson

On Dec. 19 judges Chris Nickless, Bev French, Joanne Young, Brenda Devine, and Robbin Edwards headed out to determine winners of the Light Up the 108 event. About 30 people were on hand Dec. 23 for the awards presentation. Winners of the People's Choice Award and Most Brilliant Nativity were Stan and Donna Lidderdale, at 5023 Gloinzunn Drive. Most Festive Award went to the Piccolo family at 5067 Block Drive and the Most Unique to Wolf and Edith Strache of 4978 Monical Drive. Many thanks to all who helped and participated - and a special thank you to Rick Swanson for his terrific video of decorated houses on the 108.

Solstice celebration

A dozen participants enjoyed the Winter Solstice Celebration on Dec. 22 at the Community Hall. Dancers gathered in a circle around boughs, jewellery, and other treasures in a ceremony to acknowledge the lengthening of the days. There was lots of dancing - both structured and improved - including circle dancing or international folk dancing. Although the focus was on solstice dances, there was a variety including Romanian dance steps and music. The atmosphere was festive and the dance steps easy to learn. There were great snacks, delicious coffee and organizer Maddi Newman stated that the "venue was perfect for this event."

Town Hall talks

In a few weeks the Cariboo Regional District Town Hall meetings will be under way. For the 108, mark Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. in the 108 Mile Community Hall on your calendar. The meetings are an opportunity to learn about the CRD's budgets for the services that it provides to regional district taxpayers. The sessions will outline any changes in services and the addition of any new functions for 2008. There will also be an opportunity to discuss community services and general issues with the local elected officials. For more information contact the CRD at 250-395-3838.

For older reports, go to

Previous years

With the print edition of the newsletter discontinued (as a cost-saving measure), we thank Maddi Newman of KeyBoard Graphic Design for her many years' work as editor, producing a newsletter we were all proud of.

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