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Maintaining the original ideal: that human development can sustain a viable partnership with nature.

108 MILE RANCH NEWS - 2007

Unless otherwise stated, articles and images reproduced, with permission, from the 100 Mile Free Press

Reporter from Nov.7: Jennifer Raifteiri McArdle, 791-6509
Prior to that: Brian Buzdegan

Previous years

December 19, 2007

Be sure to check thickness of ice

It's that time of year again when ice fishing beckons and frozen lakes offer short cuts from one shore to the other. The Canadian Red Cross advises that many factors, not just a cold snap in the weather, affect ice thickness. Water depth, size of water body, fluctuations in water levels, logs, rocks and docks absorbing heat from the sun, changing air temperature, and the shock waves from vehicles travelling over the ice, all affect ice thickness as well. Particular caution needs to be exercised with the freezing/thawing cycles we see more of each winter.

Ice thickness should be:

Always let someone know where you're going, when you're expected back and remember - if in doubt, don't go out.

Sled dog race

Mark Jan. 19 and 20 on your calendars for the 17th Annual Cariboo Challenge - B.C.'s second oldest dog sled race. There are lots of events: a winter carnival, mayor's challenge, raffles, silent auction, and as always, lots of handsome huskies available for hugs and picture taking. If you're looking for celebrities, they'll be on hand, or on paw, as well - Laurie Niedermayer's dogs have appeared in Call of the Wild, Snow Dogs, Kevin of the North and Eight Below. For more information, to volunteer or participate, contact Laurie Niedermayer at 250-593-4008.

Winter birds

So far this year at our feeder it has been the usual cast of characters - red-breasted nuthatches and mountain and black-capped chickadees. These little fellows are easily attracted with suet blocks and sunflower seeds. If your suet block is hung close enough to the trunk of the tree, you may entice some of the woodpeckers in as well. (Image: Birds from a Cariboo backyard deck)

108 Christmas party

Nearly 50 children attended the 108 Children's Christmas Party on Dec. 9. Although down slightly from other years, those in attendance had a grand time. There were readings by Mrs. Santa, cookie-decorating, colouring, crafts, face-painting and, of course, the jolly old elf himself. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this annual event happen, especially those called at the last minute to fill in for people succumbing to the numerous bugs going around.

Silent night

Unfortunately not always so on the 108 - please! A reminder to snowmobile operators to ride respectfully around pets and humans alike, and save the full-throttle thrills for when you're out of earshot of the subdivision.

On thin ice

Not eight hours after I began this column with ice safety, Rick Swanson phoned to say that he, his wife Margaret and their dog, Buddy which was galloping about, had been skiing across Sepa Lake on the golf course side when he heard a crack and a yelp. He turned around to see the nose of Buddy, a 70-pound Bernese Mountain-border collie cross, bobbing in the water beside a muskrat 'mound.' He rushed back to Buddy with his skis across the front of this body, in case he went through. Fortunately he was able to haul Buddy out of the water and both made it to safety. No one was injured and Buddy was sleeping off his adventure when Rick phoned. These 'mounds' are rafts of rotting vegetation that muskrats collect and then feed off during the winter months - sort of a muskrat refrigerator As these mounds are essentially floating composts, their core temperature is higher than the water and air around them, creating areas of thinner, weaker ice in their proximity. These are somet

December 3, 2007

Light up the 108 deadline nears

The Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship (CCLF) is sponsoring a new category this year, The Most Brilliant Nativity Scene, for the annual Light Up The 108 Christimas light competition. Don't forget The People's Choice Award nomination deadline is December 16. Most Festive, Most Unique and the new Charlie Brown awards will be decided by the judges, with prizes handed out on December 23 at the 108 Community Hall between one and three. For those showing up at the awards presentation, your name will be entered in the numerous draws for prizes. There will also be a turkey draw, surprise draws, door prizes, Powerpoint presentation of the lights on the 108, bonfire and carol -singing, so come on out and get into the festive spirit!
[Pictures of the prize-winning entries]

Solstice celebration

Come and celebrate the Winter Solstice at the 108 Community Hall (upstairs) on Dec. 22 from 1 to 5 p.m. There will be circle dancing (instruction provided) and free-form dance. Participants are asked to bring a "potluck" snack and register early by mailing your name, address, phone number, e-mail and $12 cheque payable to Maddi Newman to Winter Solstice Event, PO Box 767, 108 Ranch, V0K 2Z0. For more information contact Maddi at 791-9206.

Plan approved

The proposed service requested by the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association (RCA) for the community hall has the go-ahead after the recent alternative approval process. A draft business plan and five-year financial plan for the hall was approved by the board and will be presented at the Town Hall meeting in January, 2008. The service will provide funds designated for insurance, utilities, and capital improvements to the RCA to cover costs associated with owning and operating the hall. This contribution recognizes the important role local halls have in providing stability and positive activity within communities.

Welcome wagon

To receive a welcome package, or have one sent to a new resident on the 108, contact Bev French at 791-7206 or Joanne Young at 791-6709.

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Community website

To see what the 108 Mile Ranch Community is up to, visit

Bird watchers

Calling all bird watchers! If you have some interesting birds at your feeder, or need help identifying birds or have questions about feeding, call me. We have lost our elegant swans to warmer climes but other lively little winter birds are moving in. I will keep an informal list of what's seen where and include them in this column. Also - anyone interested in a Christmas bird count?

Birds you might see in your back yard at this time of year (from Inside British Columbia web site)

Steller's Jay
Brown Creeper
Brown Creeper

Black-capped Chickadee

Hairy Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

More birds and larger pictures

November 21, 2007

Lions dinner raises $1,300

Cariboo Old Time Music band members Wille Giesbrecht (l) , Ton Boehm and Art Schoenknect playing for the spaghetti diners

Another highly successful 108 Lions Spaghetti Dinner and Auction was held Nov. 10, with over 160 meals served. Proceeds from the night - over $1,300 - will be donated to the 100 Mile House and District Soccer Association's soccer park.Thanks to all who attended and supported this fundraiser and a special thank-you to the providers of the fabulous desserts!


With the coming of snow, the 108 Greenbelt Commission is again asking snowmobile owners to ride responsibly. Please do not ride on the trails or across bridges without sufficient snowfall; be considerate of other trail users; keep your speed down around the subdivision and limit riding to before 9 p.m. The 108 Greenbelt Commission thanks you, as do those of us who konk out at 9:01!

Light Up the 108

Get out those ladders and lights! The RCA is organizing this event and plans are underway for the Light Up the 108 Celebration. Along with the three usual categories (Most Festive, Most Unique, The People's Choice) there are several exciting new categories to be announced soon. The entry deadline for submitting entries is Dec. 15 and entry boxes will be at Dowe's Diner in the 108 Mall and the post office. The presentation of awards will be held Dec. 23 at 1 p.m. at the Community Hall and everyone is invited to attend. There will be hot chocolate, goodies and a door prize for those attending the presentation. Entry forms will be in the Free Press and alongside the entry boxes [or click here - Webmaster]. For more information contact Bev French at 791-7206, or Joanne Young at 791-6709.

November 7, 2007

New correspondent takes over in 108

Hello again! Too long I have been away from writing and so I jumped at the chance to get back into it as the new 108 correspondent. There have been lots of changes around the 108 since I last wrote, but I’m glad to see the great community spirit still exists. I look forward to hearing from and writing about the great 108 people, so please call me at 791-6509 if you have an upcoming event.

Operation Christmas Child

The deadline for dropping off Operation Christmas Child boxes is Saturday, Nov. 10 at the Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship building on Telqua Drive. Collection times are: Thursday, Nov. 8 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Friday, Nov. 9 from 4-7 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 10 from noon to six p.m. For more information contact Karen Scott at 706-3339.

108 Lions

The 108 Mile Lions Club meets downstairs in the community hall on the first and third Thursday of every month. New members are always welcome! Join the Lions Club for fun, fellowship and the opportunity to serve the 108 community through fundraisers, barbecues, concessions and many other projects. Contact Lion Eamon at 791-6509 for more information.

End of an era

After many successful years, the last RCA bingo was held on Nov. 2. There were lots of big payouts and many players walked away with substantial cash. A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered at and participated in these bingos.

Play day/schooling show

The Strides and Standards Equestrian Centre presents a Remembrance Day Play Day/Schooling Show on Sunday, Nov. 11. Entries are available at 100 Mile Feed and Ranch on Exeter Road, or contact Caroline St. Pierre at 791-5732 or Carolyn Dobbs at 397-2281.

Lions dinner

Back by popular demand, the 108 Lions Club invites everyone to another community all-you-can-eat Spaghetti Night on Saturday, November 10th at 5:30 p.m. All proceeds go to the 100 Mile House and District Soccer Association soccer fields. Come out and visit with your neighbours while supporting this great cause. Call 791-6616 for more information.

October 31, 2007


Finances, new board members
The 108 Ranch Community Association (RCA) saw roughly 35 people turn out for its annual general meeting held atthe community hall, Oct. 24. The financial report was read and it showed that bank totals were down by about $10,000 due to funds being takenout to operate the community hall. It was noted as well that a grant was received by the Cariboo Regional District for the amount of $10,000 whichwill go towards furnace replacement. Robbin Edwards, board chairman, has sadly completed his term and will not be back as chairman. Thank you, for a job well done. Also Aldyth Blannin, who has served for 23 years as a director, is retiring. She was on the board as early as 1969, so a very special thanks goes out to her. New faces on the board include: Dan Jackson, Brenda Devine and Rick Swanson. Good luck with your new positions.

Proposed Bylaws
A general meeting will be held at the Creekside Seniors Centre. It will deal with a new proposed bylaw, limiting the number of pets allowed on lots under 10 acres. Some time in February, a town hall meeting is to be held at the 108 Community Hall, which will also be looking at a proposal for a noise bylaw

108 fire department
Fire Chief Lee Simpkins, stated that within their fiscal year, October, 2006 to October, 2007 a total of 70callouts were received, for a variety of reasons. The department has currently 23 members, of which 12 are trained as first responders. He noted as well that the108 Volunteer Fire Department has been rated number three for activity within the South Cariboo, with Williams Lakebeing first and 100 Mile House being second. Simpkins outlined the various training exercises the department has taken over the last year. A big thank you needs to go to every volunteer, for the time and effort they give, to make this the very professional department that it is.

New water tank
Al Richmond, CRD director, noted that the replacement water tank on Kyllo should be going in sometime in 2009.

Greenbelt update
Graham Allison reports that many signs have been placed along the trails, and that the clean-up of tree and grass debris, continues, helping to make the greenbelt and trails a safe place to enjoy the beauty of the South Cariboo.

Community hall
Rentals are down at the hall and Nov. 2, will be the last night for bingo. In an effort to control costs, the hall manager and janitorial duties are being carried out now by one couple. If anyone wants to take over the bingo when the current licence runs out in the new year, certain guidelines will have to followed and days would be restricted to either Tuesday or Thursday. If anyone has suggestions for the use of the hall, please contact the RCA board and give them your ideas.

Community Association web site
Traffic is reported to be up by about 20 per cent and up-to-date news is provided online. The RCA is taking steps to secure the domain name of, so no one else can use that name.

South Cariboo Regional Airport
The airport now has a 24/7 gas service and is plans are being made to have washrooms that will be accessible at all times. With the new construction at the airport, we can anticipate a signifiant increase in traffic.


The Lions are holding their spaghetti dinner on the evening of Nov. 10. Come out and have a good meal and enjoy the fun. They currently have 22 members, and provide a great service to the area. Keep up the good work fellows!

108 Mile Ranch Correspondent

It is with sadness, that I am giving up the position with the 100 Mile Free Press, as a new teaching position will take all of my time. It has been a very rewarding time, to be able to report on the happenings around the 108, and to meet many different people.It has also been a great learning experience, writing, and taking pictures that caught a brief moment of time in the 108 Ranch.

October 24, 2007

Recycle bin broken into

It has been reported that the recycle bin located at the mail kiosk was broken into. Whoever did it, took the time to sort through it and take only recyclables of any value. If anyone has seen anything, or has information about this, please contact the 100 Mile House RCMP. Let's keep our community safe from this sort of thing.

Bingo over

Friday night bingo will see its last offering on Nov. 2. Due to declining number of players and the few dedicated volunteers, who need a break, bingo will end. Sadly no new new volunteers stepped up to help and have missed out on a fun activity. An open house will be held at the 108 Community Hall for all past and present volunteers. This will be held Nov. 4 from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. It is just a small way of saying thank you to all of volunteers who helped keep the bingo running.

RCA to meet

A reminder, that when this comes to print Oct. 24, on the same evening, the 108 Ranch Community Association will be hold its annual general meeting. It will start at 7:30 p.m., so come out and support your board. See what they have done over the last year and hear their plans for the next year.

September 19, 2007

Community hall operations subject of public meeting

A public meeting has been slated for Oct. 2, at 7 p.m. at the 108 Community Hall, for owners of properties within the 108 fire protection area. The 108 Ranch Community Association (RCA) has asked the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) to start a new service to run the 108 Community Hall. Ideas and proposals will be discussed at this meeting, which will be hosted by the RCA board and CRD area director, Al Richmond. Come out and support the continuing running and operation of our community hall.

AGM coming up

A reminder that coming up Oct. 24, the RCA will be holding its annual general meeting. Plan on coming to see what the board of directors have been doing for the community and think about becoming a member.

School time

With school now back in session, we need to observe the posted speed limits by the school. The RCMP have been out watching and making sure that everyone complies. Also parents, when picking up your children, you need to observe the speed limit. It was also brought to my attention that after regular school hours, the French Immersion program continues until after 4 p.m. Remember that the speed zone is in effect until 5 p.m.


One of the two footbridges have been redone along the 108 greenbelt and it now provides a wider pathway. All that is needed now is water under the bridge.

108 Heritage Site

Work continues on the roof of the new historic church at the 108 Heritage Site. Pine boards have been put into place to provide a nice-looking ceiling. Rafters and strapping are also now in place, and just the final roof covering is needed to give a weather tight roof. The bell tower has been put up and it gives the building just the right look.

Fun ride

On Sept. 15 at 11 a.m., the Gold Rush Grannies and the 100 Mile and District Outriders Club held a family fun ride. The ride travelled through part of Walker Valley and some of the existing trails within the 108. Ridership was small, with only six riders, but the weather was picture perfect. The money raised by this group will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This foundation helps to ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Jennifer Raifleiri-Mcardle did a superb job of having everything organized for the riders.

Slightly wet

The weather did not co-operate Sept. 16 for the annual Gold Rush Toy Run, from the 108 Heritage Site, to 100 Mile and return. Even though it was a wet morning, it did not deter the riders and luckily the rain stopped for the afternoon Show 'N Shine.

August 29, 2007

Crews add finishing touches to log chapel

Crews add finishing touches to log chapel

Driving past the heritage site a number of times this summer, I was surprised to see how many cars and campers stop and take in the historical attractions there. A big "thank you" needs to go to all of the volunteers who give of their time to keep this site active and interesting for the tourists. I noticed that there is a crew working on the log church now and was informed that the historical society now hasthe funds to put a roof on the new log building. Posthouse Log Restoration and Stan Van Nevel Contracting are working together to put the roof on, and by the time this goes to print, a bell tower should also be going into place. With a finished roof, the contractors can work over the winter to finish the interior in time for the next tourist season.

Hall rentals

I have received a couple of calls concerning rentals at the hall. I have to state once again, that I am not the manager there and that being the 100 Mile Free Press 108 correspondent has no connection. The current hall manager/janitors are Willow and Bob Jacobs. They are carrying out all of the hall duties and are doing a good job for the community. If you have a booking or have some questions about the hall, contact them at 791-5576.


By the time this article goes to press, we will be slightly less than a week away from school starting again. Getting on my soapbox, I need to remind a select few within the 108, that there are posted speed limits of 50 kmh. It is the Cariboo and we are supposed to be on Cariboo time, which is slow time. The posted speed limit for the school zone is 30 kmh but you also need to remember that children will be out walking to bus stops. Along with them, are a number of people out walking, pushing strollers and riding bikes. So let's have a safe return to school, and slow down!

August 8, 2007

Drive carefully

After having been away for a couple of weeks, it is always nice to come home to the 108 Mile. All the yards are looking good and it appears that everyone is following the watering restrictions. I was reading in the 100 Mile Free Press about the problem of the poor driving attitudes on Cedar Avenue and it brought to mind that we have a few aggressive drivers in the 108. I could not help noticing that there was a pile of broken glass at the corner of Easzee Drive and Telqua Drive. Perhaps a fender bender occurred there, someone speeding or not watching. Even though I am loathe to say it, it is only a month before school starts again, so please drive carefully.

Residents to receive welcome package

The Ranch Community Association is working on a welcoming package for new residents of the 108. Included will be a brochure listing businesses, services, restaurants and activities at the 108. If you have a listing that you want included, contact Bev French at: or Joanne Young at: Deadline is Sept. 1. If you are submitting some information, include the name of the business or organization; a description of the business or organization (20 words max.); address, phone number, e-mail and website.


Bingo continues to be held on Friday evenings at the 108 Community Hall. Organizers are on the lookout for new volunteers, so if you want to help out, meet some new people, then give a little of your time and have some fun at the same time.

July 11, 2007

Heritage Site celebrations fun for all

July 1st, Canada Day, brought crowds of people to the 108 Heritage Site to enjoy the many attractions and venues. With many new people moving to the South Cariboo, this site is well worth coming to see. The large house which is open for display, was moved to the 108 site from 103 Mile and stepping inside takes you back to another time. With the help of guides, much can be discovered about this home. Walking throughout the site on Canada Day, many tables were set up with various arts and crafts for sale, along with treats and goodies. There were also many musical groups, which brought great delight to all who listened. Also there were amusement areas set up for children and just about something for everyone to enjoy. Also on site was the 100 Mile Hospice Palliative Care Society, who with the Memorial Garden Committee, had a booth showing the planned memorial wall, which when funds are raised, will be built at the 100 Mile Cemetery.

Photo JN Web Design

Lions, always at work

The 108 Lions Club had their booth set up for hamburgers and hot dogs. The Lions continue to do much work throughout the community, helping out various people and groups and are ever present helping out at various events. The 108 Lions recently held their elections for a new executive for 2007/2008 which now includes as president, Chris Nickless; vice-president, Eamon McArdle; past-president, Bill Bailey; secretary, Jennifer Raifteiri-McArdle and treasurer, Denny Fahrentholz. Horst Elkermann was named as 108 Lion Of The Year. Congratulations to all.

Protected nest

With all of the people who came to the 108 and the booths, tables, fire engines and just anything else you could imagine, unnoticed by many I am sure, was a small area blocked off with saw-horses and some wire. On the ground was a very small, hidden nest. That nest was of a Killdeer and in it were three small eggs, looking very much like the surrounding gravel.


June 20, 2007

Dog owners turn out for dog guide walk

The annual 108 Purina Walk for Dog Guides was held on June 3 at the 108 Lake beach. It started at about 1 p.m. under clear skies and a hot day. There were about 15 dogs with their owners and friends and all were eager to do the walk around Sepa Lake. About 45 minutes to an hour later, the weary pooches and their owners made it back to the starting point and it was a contest then, to see who got to the water first to cool down. Even though it was a hot day, it turned out well for what was the seventh annual walk and over $700 were raised. Graham Allison presided over the presentation of the completion certificates and all of the dogs received a bag of goodies.

108 Greenbelt

Concrete blocks have been placed by the bridges around the 108 and Sepa Lakes to keep the pathways stable and maintain the gravel walkways, Graham Allison has reported. He hopes that later in the year or maybe into next year, new bridge decks will be done. Allison also said pine beetle killed trees are being removed from around the 108 and that effort will continue until all have been removed. Homeowners are reminded however that pine beetle killed trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowners to remove and clean up.

Lions Club news

The 108 Lions Club held their pancake breakfast on June 10 at the 108 Community Hall. Along with the breakfast was a flea market, with quite a few tables set up both in the hall and out in the parking lot. It was near impossible at one point in the morning to find a place to park, so certainly attendance was very good. The pancake breakfast was excellent and for $4 was well worth the price. A lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst was available at 11.30 a.m. but, after having such a good breakfast, one would be hard-pressed to have room for lunch. Overall, the day was perfect weatherwise and attendance was also very good, with many people walking away with with various found treasures.

June 6, 2007

Spring busy in the South Cariboo

Reading through the newspaper, you can tell it's really spring in the Cariboo. Lots of yard sales are being held and signs can be found on trees and telephone poles advertising local sales. It is a fun way to see the area and see what is for sale. You never know what you may find, even when you are not looking for anything. On June 10, the 108 Lions Club is holding its pancake breakfast and flea market. Breakfast starts at 9 a.m. and lunch will start at 11 a.m. Even if you''e not looking for anything special, come on out to the 108 Community Hall, have some food, meet some people and maybe find that certain something to buy.

Work under way

Around the 108, with the current local construction boom going on, with no less than ten new homes being built, I noticed a crew hard at work at the local Cariboo Christian Life Fellowship Church.The contractor is in the midst of removing the old wood shingles and applying new asphalt shingles. It will give a new look to the church and will certainly be safer than the old wood shingles.

108 School

Looking through the school calendar for June, there are various day trips planned to Barkerville, Hat Creek and Scout Island. But I am sure most of the children are looking at the date of June 28, the last day of school. Their sports day will be held June 26, starting at 8:30 a.m. Come out and support the children and have some fun.

May 23, 2007

Driving past the school grounds, I noticed a group of people working on the playground. It turns out that it is a group of parent volunteers who are putting together an exercise area for the children. Normally this type of exercise would be spread out over a larger area, but the thinking was to keep it in a smaller area so the teachers can take larger groups of children to it and keep the group organized. The parents working on this project are doing so strictly on their own time and with the nod of approval from the school district. They have been fund-raising since last fall, and should see this project finished within a short time. Along with the parents there are some children who are pitching in to help develop this part of the playground. It is very rewarding to see the keen interest of the parents and children putting together a project, strictly on their own time and effort.

With everything turning green now, and everyone out and about in their yards, winter's snow is becoming a dim memory, and thoughts of planting and growing are on everyone's mind. A gentle reminder that water restrictions started May 1 of this year. The times allowed for watering are 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Please follow within these time frames and help to conserve water.

From a reliable source, I have heard that planting pine trees to replace any that have been killed by the pine beetle is okay now, and that the beetle will not go after the new seedlings.

It is a busy time within the 108 with all of the new homes being built, and empty lots being developed now, a reminder that within the 108 there is a speed limit of 50 km, and 30 km within the school zone. I cannot help but notice with all of the lumber trucks and concrete trucks, plus various contractors, the speed of these vehicles along with some 108 homeowners is well above the speed limit. It is not too long until school will be out for the summer. Even now with warmer weather and longer days, more people are out walking and riding. With no sidewalks, the road has to be shared. So please slow down, give pedestrians a wide berth, and let's not put our fire department to work needlessly.

May 9, 2007

HED: Donation helps purchase defibrillator

108 Fire Department Chief Lee Simpkins has announced that a generous resident of the 108 has provided a cash donation of $2,500.The funds were used by the department to purchase an automated electronic defibrillator which will greatly enhance the life-saving capabilities of the trained first responders. Simpkins states that currently four people are already trained and certified in the use of this unit and that another ten will be taking the training. The department also hopes later this year, depending on funding, to purchase a thermo-imaging camera, which could be used to locate people in homes and also to find possible hot spots whether it be in homes or in the bush. So far nine firemen have also completed training in fighting forest fires. With the interface around the 108, not all calls are for house fires. This training also allows them to work along with the forestry department in dealing with forest fire situations. The department recently held a practice session to safely burn off dead and dry grass. Simpkins also noted that three other volunteers are going for first responder training and that on April 3, elections were held within the department and all officers remain the same. Simpkins indicated that the department is in need of one or two other volunteers. May 4 is International Firefighters Day and a time when communities across the country will be celebrating the contribution made to the safety of their communities by firefighters. Within the 108 we are very fortunate to have a high calibre of firefighters who volunteer their time and receive no pay for efforts and sacrifices. In honour of these dedicated firefighters we would like to share this poem written by Brian Fairbrother of Comox.


I am a volunteer firefighter
I never know when I am going to leave.

I leave,
in the middle of the night,
to the scene of an accident,
Another drunk driver

I leave
During my son's birthday party,
to a call for alarms ringing,
Kid's playing a joke

I leave
Just as we sit down for a family dinner,
for smoke in a house,
Someone left a pot on while they went out

I leave
My wife's arms, curled up on the couch
for a victim of seizures,
another addict on crack

I leave
My friends, family and life
Lost in the line of duty

I am a volunteer firefighter,
And I never know when I will leave.

Bus route talk

With regards to queries regarding an expansion of the 108 transit service, I was informed that the schedule allows for the bus to be within the 108 only for a set period of time and if longer, it would cut into the time for the handyDART service that the bus provides. Interest in changing the length of the 108 route was minimal, despite rising gas prices. Timetables are available from the drivers of the bus or you can contact the office at 395-2834 from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Concerning bus stop signs, the schedule states: Where there are no designated bus stops, the bus will use flag stops. When you want to catch the bus, find a safe location along the route and wave the bus down. A safe location is one where visibility is good and where the bus can easily pull off the road, such as a driveway or postal box area.

No longer manager at hall

On another note, effective May 8, I will no longer be the manager for the 108 Community Hall. If you want to book the hall, call 791-5599. It should also be noted that there is no connection between the role of manager and the Free Press 108 correspondent. I will continue to write about happenings around the 108 and always welcome any bits of news or information that come my way.

May 2, 2007

Man dies after 108 Ranch house fire

With plumes of smoke drifting from his home, a 108 Mile Ranch resident's life came to a tragic end early Friday afternoon (April 27). Malcolm Rae, 58, was rushed to hospital shortly after a kitchen fire erupted around 12:45 p.m. He was pronounced dead moments after arriving at 100 Mile District General Hospital. It is unknown at this time whether Mr. Rae succumbed to smoke inhalation or from a heart attack. As fire crews brought the blaze in the 5300 block of Kallum Drive under control, Rae, suffering from minor injuries sustained in the fire, suddenly collapsed while inside a police cruiser.

Full story in the Free Press

Heart attack death sparks paramedic debate
May 3, 2007
B.C. Health Minister George Abbott has defended the BC Ambulance Service's handling of a 911 call in 108 Mile House last week following a house fire.
Full story

April 25, 2007

Peg Rosen, volunteer of the year

On the evening of April 14th, at the Annual Volunteer Dinner, a very surprised but deserving Peg Rosen was awarded the "108 Mile Ranch Citizen of the Year" plaque. Peg has actively served the community for numerous years, and has given unselfishly of her time. We can all thank Peg for our wonderful beaches! She was acknowledged for her continual, unfailing hard work. All volunteers of 108 Mile Ranch were honoured at the dinner in the community hall, presented by the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association. As well as the excellent buffet catered by Smitty's, the guests were entertained by Rock Island Music. The 108 Lions provided the bar.

Awards were presented by Cariboo Regional District representative Al Richmond and Fire Chief Lee Simpkins to volunteer firemen Larry Knutsen and Terry Capnerhurst who received their 20-year pins.

The following generously donated door prizes: Pharmasave, Safeway, Donex Pharmacy, Kim's Country Cuts, Ridgeview Estate Garden, The Race Trac Pizzeria, The Hoof and Harness Restaurant, Bev's Epicure, Laura's Hairstyling, Sole Concepts and Save On Foods. Community Association directors Kathie Knutsen, Bev French and Joanne Young organized the event, with assistance from many. Volunteers add so much to the quality of life at the 108 and this is their annual "thank you".

Photos JN Web Design

Ice off the 108 Lake

The offical time for the ice being off the 108 Lake was Tuesday, April 10, 2007 at 12:23:25 a.m. The lucky winner of the $100 prize for choosing the time closest to the actual ice off time was Ted Zwolak, a 108 Lion's member. At the time of this writing the draw for the $75 gift certificate from the Heritage Thyme restaurant had not taken place, but with a record number of entries (336), some lucky person will be winning that certificate.

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Pick up litter!

With spring showing its face, although some snow still insists on falling on us, it is nice to see the grass slowly turning green. People are out and about in their yards, raking and cleaning up after winter. Maybe everyone could extend that care to outside of their properties and pick up litter in their area. It seems that there are a lot of plastic bags and other trash scattered around the 108. Let's show some pride for our community and keep it clean.

Bus service

There has been some feedback about the bus service in the 108, so keep sending in the messages and making those calls and we will see if some changes can be made to improve the service even more.

March 28, 2007

108 seeks nominations for Citizen of the Year

Nominations are being accepted for the 108 Mile Ranch Citizen of the Year. Residents of the 108 can pick up their nomination forms at the 108 Cafe, 108 Post Office and Race Trac gas station. Forms may also be printed from the 108 Mile Ranch website. Completed forms may be mailed to Box 85, 108 Mile Ranch, VOK 2ZO, or given to any board member. The deadline is March 31, 2007. For more information call 791-8362 or 791-7206.

108 Lions dinner 108 Lions dinner

Once again the 108 Lions annual spaghetti dinner and fun night held March 17 was a great success. With nearly 100 people in attendance, the event was certainly well attended. A great dinner and music to listen to - what more could a person ask for? Donex and Olga Pugsley, who hails from Canim Lake, donated many items for use in the auction following the dinner while toes tapped to the sounds of the Cariboo Old Tyme Band, which provided the evening's entertainment. Chris Nickless of the 108 Lions served as the MC and showed off his not-so-Irish roots for St. Patrick's Day, in his green top hat and strangely green beard. All items were auctioned off and, for some items, the bidding was fast and furious. Many thank-you's go to all of members for their hard work.

108 Lions director, Chris Nickless (left) presents highest bidders Cloe Trudel Dansonville and Elizabeth Couture with a toy donated by Olga Pugsley.

Community Hall news

Prayers go out to our janitor Becky Wolfe, during what has been a very hard time for her and her family. We wish her daughter well and pray that everything works out for the best. Becky's sister, Nathasha has stepped forward and has taken on the janitoral duties at the 108 Community Hall. Certainly many thanks go out to this family for their continued hard work for our community.

Dark-eyed junco - Birds from a Cariboo Bakyard Deck Geese back

Spring is now here and who would have thought that the sight of brown grass would bring joy to people? After looking at white for how many months now, any change of colour is welcome. Along with that, the geese have returned and we hear their overhead honking daily now. Also the little Juncos have made their appearance and I would swear that I thought I heard the sound of a red-winged black bird the other day. Gulp, can lawn cutting be far away?

Dark-eyed junco (Birds from a Cariboo Bakyard Deck)

March 7, 2007

Ice-off boat, waiting to float

Someone asked me the other day, "Is that not a rather small ice house on the 108 Lake?" That so called ice house is a small boat that has been placed there for the annual 108 Lions Ice-off Contest. When boat floats, the ice is off! I would suspect that given our winter, which in truth is closer to a normal Cariboo winter, has many people wishing for spring now! Other years usually sees the ice going out in April... oops, did I give it away? The way the weather is going maybe the ice will be gone by July. Please no nasty letters for that last comment! As mentioned previously, the 108 Ice-Off tickets are on sale from the 108 Mall and any 108 Lion's member.

Citizen of the Year

Each year the Ranch Community Association (RCA) holds an awards dinner to honour the person who has contributed or given back to the community through their work in various volunteer groups. Nomination forms are available from the 108 Cafe, 108 Post Office and the 108 Race Trac gas station. The person chosen for this honour will be decided by the end of March. So if you know someone who has done a lot for the community in whatever manner, here's a small chance to say thank you.

108 Community Hall

When warmer weather comes, most commonly known as spring, we will be making repairs to the hall wall that was sprayed with graffiti. Until then, sadly we have to look at what some vandal has done and it would be nice if someone had seen something and stepped up and told us about it.

Thinking of Becky

I mentioned about our janitor, Becky, having to take her daughter to the Kamloops Hospital recently. Sadly I have heard that they have since been sent to the coast, as her daughter is quite ill. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time Becky and we hope for a speedy recovery for your daughter.

Thank you

A thank you to everyone who drives past the 108 school. It would appear that the majority of the drivers are now heeding the speed limit.

January 17, 2007

108 district correspondent back on reporting job

We have read the story about the fellow that responds to the stories of his demise. Contrary to the stories he is very much alive. Well the same story could apply to me, as some stories about Christmas events around the 108 have not appeared in the paper. Sadly what occurred was a very nasty virus that got into my computer and corrupted quite a bit of information. Thankfully the problem has been taken care of now and I wish to extend my apologizes to the Free Press and to those people of the 108 who have been waiting to see their stories.

Lighting Contest

Even though the event was run with short notice, the number of homes entered for judging in the Light Up the 108 Competition was good. Awards should go to everyone for their efforts. The contest offered prizes in three categories. The first was for the "Most Festive" display and was awarded to David Anderson of Monical Road. He won a 108 Resort golf package worth $225. The second was for the "Most Unique" display and was awarded to Shawna Rankin, Gloinnzun Drive. She won a spa day from The Hills Guest Ranch, with a value of $195. The third category was the "Peoples Choice" award which is decided by ballot and went to Bill and Lis Hawes of Telqua Drive. They won a gift certificate to the Heritage Thyme Restaurant valued at $150. Bev French and Joanne Young, directors with the 108 Ranch Community Association co-ordinated this year"s competition. "We had a great response," said French who noted that the con-test will get under way a little earlier next year. "We will likely start advertising in October so people can make their plans." French said she was "really pleased with the sponsors and the prizes they were able to offer. "Previously winners of the contest were given plaques, but this year, French noted that winners were given a paper certificate and their names added to a plaque that is now mounted at the 108 Community Hall. Overall, French said the contest is a great example of community spirit. "It was something our community could participate in and community spirit shone through," she said, adding that people were encouraged to get out and travel around the community and view the lights. "We really had some spectacular displays. This is an annual event and with each year we hope to make it bigger and better."

Elementary School

The school held their Christmas concert on Dec. 21, at 12:30 p.m., and again at 7:30 p.m. It was well attended at both times and was a delightful performance by the students. Much effort was put out by both the students and teachers, and congratulations to all for a superb performance. The theme "Slapshot Santa Scores Again" was well produced and by the end of the play, Santa knew he should stick with giving out presents at Christmas and leave the hockey playing to others.The whole program would have brought a smile to even old Ebenezer Scrooge himself.

Now that we are into 2007, hopefully computers and everything will continue to work well. My apologizes for lack of pictures, as most are gone who knows where? Best wishes to everyone for 2007!

January 24, 2007

108 firefighters practise ice rescues

Ice rescue practice
On the weekend of Jan. 13 and 14, several of the 108 Volunteer Fire Department members took part in a training program. It was a program on rescuing someone who had fallen through the ice and was unable to get out on their own. Part of the training was in a classroom setting and some practical practice was carried out on the 108 Lake. The instructor/trainer was Larry Obst of Rescue Canada. Their organization carries out various training programs to varied groups, such as fire departments.The practice on 108 Lake was held in the afternoon of Jan. 14, it was a bright clear day and about -10 C, perfect for their practice. The firefighters cut two large, square holes in the ice, which was about 14 inches thick. There was about 16 feet of water in that area of the lake.Wearing special suits, each member was able to jump into the icy water, with no discomfort. Then other members using ropes, which were secured to special lag bolts in the ice, rescued the "volunteer" The firefighters also practised using an extension ladder to rescue their victim. Firefighters were instructed that in spring conditions, when the ice is totally unsafe, ropes would be secured to the lake bank or trees in order to carry out a rescue. Certainly with our lakes, and usage bypeople, this was a wonderful training program for our volunteers, should the need ever arise. The 108 Volunteer Fire Department has three suits of their own, with another one wishing to be purchased, so proper teamwork can be maintained at all times. A thank you goes out to Larry Obst for giving the training program and special thanks to the volunteer firemen for taking time out from their own lives, to take this important training in order to save lives.

February 7, 2007

Beating the winter blues - Winter in the Cariboo

Some people look forward to the winter season, to enjoy outdoor activities. Others plan vacations and time away to warmer climates. One couple though relish the thought of winter and look forward to a few months devoted to their hobbies. Kevin and Eileen Shannon use the winter months to continue their interest in model railroading and building miniature doll houses. Kevin having lived 30-plus years in the Cariboo, and about 22 years at the 108, discovered model trains in the fall of 1994. Having worked around forestry and wood, he was looking for something to do in his retirement. Now those of us already bitten by the model railroading bug know, once you catch it, that's it for life. Having had no prior experience with models, Kevin has built himself quite a small railroad empire. Basing it on the CN northline, his layout shows many hours of work and pure enjoyment.

His wife Eileen, at about the same time as Kevin, discovered the wonderful world of miniature doll houses. Eileen, known already for her talent as a weaver, has done painstaking work on her doll house hobby and the wealth of detail in her work also speaks of many hours of labour. She has also painted the backdrop on Kevin's railroad empire, and Kevin gives her a helping hand with her very creative hobby.

Spring and fall finds Kevin and Eileen attending various shows and exihibitions and getting a chance to meet other people with the same interests. So if cabin fever is starting to knock on your door, and you are anxious for spring, remember that some people find pure enjoyment in the winter months.

February 21, 2007

Snowmobilers need to slow down on the 108 Ranch

It has been reported once again that snowmobilers are not taking care in the use of their rigs around the 108 area. Some damage has been seen on the new foot bridges by the 108 Lake. It must be remembered that other people are using the trails and the use of recreational vehicles means their safe use and not a total disregard for people and property. We have a great fire department here and I would hate to see them called out because of reckless use of a snowmobile causing injury.

Graffiti appears

Some damage has been done to the rear wall of the community centre. Someone has spray-painted graffiti on the wall and it has been noted that it is the same colour used last week on the mail kiosk. Sadly part of it says "07 grad", so if it is a soon-to-be-graduating student that has done this, then I would say that 12 years of education has been a total waste for this person.While still on my soap box, I have to mention that quite a few drivers are ignoring the speed limit around the school grounds. So if we don"t get run over by a snowmobile, then maybe a speeding car will do the job. Please slow down drivers!

Ice-off tickets on sale

On a lighter note, for a short time on the notice board sign on Easzee Drive, it indicated that ice out tickets will soon be available. Given our current spell of weather, I can only hope someone knows something! I suppose we can look forward to March 21, the first day of spring; also the same day when that winter cold finally turns into a spring fever. The 108 Mile Ranch Lions Club is hosting again this year the 108 Ice Off contest. Each ticket allows the participant a guess as to the time and date that the ice will disappear on the 108 Lake. Tickets are available at the 108 Mall and from any 108 Lions Club member.

All the best

Best wishes go out to our hall janitor, Becky, who had to take her daughter to the Kamloops Hospital because of some very disturbing symptoms. Hoping that it turns out for the best.

Lions spaghetti night

The 108 Lions Club is hosting it"s annual All-You-Can-Eat, Spaghetti Night, March 17 at 5:30 p.m. at the 108 Community Hall. The Lions Club is looking for some talent to take part in the Spaghetti Night Show, so if you like to perform give them a call at 791-6616. Admission is $7.50 for adults; $4 for kids and under 3, free.

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